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  1. How i can restart computers by SCCM 2012, i push the software updates, but some users pending for restart . there is any way to force restart for many computers
  2. i am using it from 2 months its amazing and friendly use , but i face some problems with windows updates. in general its perfect.
  3. thank you Peter, 1. i fix this issue as what you said from AD. 2.i stop the deployment of security and critical patches. 3.the java patch install in 1 computer and failed on all computers. the description: (program failed. run time exceeded)
  4. hi there , i face same problem . with java update ( Patch sp38) and i put the command for silent installation . but it doesn't work .
  5. hi folks i am a new in SCCM 2012 and i working on its part of my job. i make the collection of our company as a floors. consed-ring the subnet .(IP Address). anyway, i am working fine till now but i have some question: 1-How i can add new user or exists one on exist collection. 2-i deploy the security and critical patches to some collection but i have failed on some computers.the errors ( 0x80072ee2) & (0x00000000). 3-i deploy 1 patch for java but its failed , i deploy it as a package (application) not software updates . please i need help
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