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  1. Hi, When I an "Automatic Deployment Rule" it download a files called "AM_Delta_Patch_9999.9999.9999.9999.exe" to the sourcefile. Why the strange name "AM_Delta_Patch_9999.9999.9999.9999.exe", files use to have some kind of version number?
  2. Hi, Simpelt Frontend HTA for type OSDComputername I know there is severals frontend HTA to SCCM 2007, but I would like one for SCCM 2012 HTA only to display box to type OSDComputername. /SaiTech
  3. Hi, Even if Linux/Unix (Server) will come, I have a feeling that MAC OS support will not come. You never know.. But there is addon http://www.quest.com/management-xtensions-device-management-cm/ /SaiTech
  4. Hi, Would it be possible to use an AD account to protect the TS and or the FrontEnd? /PS
  5. Hi, I have installed MDT 2012 Beta 2 and intergrated it with SCCM 2012 RC1. The OSD works fine with MDT TS. I get interested of testing UDI. But when I try to configure the "Site Settings" in the UDI Wizard Designer I get an Invalid site Warning " Error conection to ConfigManager - see details more information. Invalid Site Code. Please check your Configuration Settings and try again. Site Version = Site not Validated. So is MDT Beta 2 not working with CM12 RC1, or have I missed something? /SaiTech
  6. Hi, We have deployed FEP 2010 in our environment, I am impressed what it found much, much more than I am used to with other anti virus. /SaiTech
  7. Thats right... Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 Beta http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=b64c2029-0f56-4606-ba0c-ea92e03541f5&displaylang=en /SaiTech
  8. Thanks HSChronic, "go into revision history and delete all revisions of the application" But the delete button is not active? /SaiTech
  9. Hi, Note that there is is one SQL 2008 CU10 and one SQL 2008 SP1 CU10 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2279604 Note This build of the cumulative update package is also known as build 10.00.2799.00. /SaiTech
  10. Hi Babs, I think it is by design, you will have dependency between Application so I dont think it is wise to could delete one. /SaiTech
  11. Have MS introduced forefront endpoint protection integration into the beta2 of Vnext ? I am aware it wasnt functional in beta 1 FEP 2010 will not work in SCCM 2012.... /SaiTech
  12. HI, Where can I see if I have add an Distribution Point to a package? Ok I can add one and see if I have missed it.. /SaiTech
  13. Hi, Well I dont have no PXE Service point to choose, when I install Server role, any idea why? /SaiTEch
  14. Hi,and thanks for the guide.. Does it matter what "SQL Server Collations" I set when I install SQL Server? /SaiTech
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