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  1. Hi I am using SQL 2016 with the Default Static Port 1433 and custom collation As SCCM require SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS and our SQL is configured with another collation, I created a new instance with the required collation and I set the static port 1434 as the 1433 is used by the default instance. Now I am stuck in the installation I am keep getting the following error Configuration Manager primary site and central administration site require SQL Server Tcp is enabled and set to Static port. what did I miss
  2. ops, will this mean I have to disable the Update Policy GPO and then after the client refresh finish, I enable it again. if yes, if there any other way.
  3. Good day Intro: I am using Secunia Update to push 3rd party software update to the client like Google update, Adobe Software... This software integrate with SCCM 2012 and also push the software update through windows update, so when windows update start, it will update all the client software and also the system update. Problem: the problem come when I publish Adobe Acrobat update. on the client machine the users are getting the notification that there is a new update that will be installed on next restart or shutdown. but when the users restart their computer the update run and then fa
  4. Good day but what about the license I had license for SCCM 2012, should I optain a new license for the R2 version.
  5. its as I say in the subject, I need to move the SCCM 2012 database to a new database server 2012 with Database Availability I got 2 servers replicating the database together in a group. when i set the SCCM 2012 to work with the AG cluster name it failed. so any information about this
  6. Good day, This is the case and this is what I did: I had run scan windows updates for new updates Create a new serach Critira that is:Windows 7 only Superseded : NO Expire: No Automatic deployment Rule Windows 7 Security - Updates Schedule non business hour what happend there are some updates like .NetFrame Work v 4 applied on windows 7 and also windows 2008 Server. So what did I miss or why the updates applied to Windows Server.. Thanks
  7. Will it work if I only move the database it self without other database (master ...), moving CM_SiteCODE will it be enough ?
  8. Hi as I know and read, I can use the WSUSUtil movecontent to move the updates to another drive but what if I have SCCM 2012, are the steps the same or there is another procedure should I follow Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply but will there be any problem if I move the CM12 DB and leave the WSUS DB on the local server, will all work OK ???
  10. Good Day I have Server1 that is hosting: SCCM 2012 SQL 2008 WSUS Reporting DP .... now I got my new SQL Server and looking for : How can I move the SQL database to the new location (Do I also need to move the reporting DB ) ? Is Moving the database named as (CM_"SiteID") will be enough and dose it include all the config like WSUS Database ...etc Incase the reporting service is not installed on the new SQL Server, will the SCCM reports work ??? Thanks alot
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