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  1. Niall, Thanks for the help, your help saved me from having to do a restore and start over again. Vincent
  2. Have there been any more movement on this? I am having the same problem and I am stuck between 1802/1710.
  3. The image is split due to the fact that the image is bigger than 8.5 and is automatically split for standalone media.
  4. I created a task sequence to deploy Windows 7 and for some reason when I run the first disk the first step ask for the second disc and then through out the deployment it keeps asking me to insert each media over and over until it completes. The image was split between two discs and after selecting the task sequence it will not run in order. For some reason each step in the sequence is split between the .iso's and no matter how many times I create a task sequence it will run in order. Here is the tasks: Initial Steps 1. Run Command Line (HTA Frontend) Apply Operating System 2. Format and Partition Disk 3. Apply OS 4. Apply Driver Package 5. Apply Windows Settings 6. Apply Network Settings 7. Apply Device Drivers Post Install Steps 8. Setup Configuration Manager 9. Move Computer to OU 10. Copy Background
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