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  1. How do, I don't suppose anyone knows of a way to suppress the firewall and Av warning messages that pop up in the action center? I know you could do it in Windows 7 and there were registry entries that would do the trick but these don;t work any more... I've been looking for a GPO but there doesn't seem to be one...
  2. Hello, Right, I've had the same issue and I've managed to fix it (well pinpoint where the issue is) It's affecting my Windows 8 and Windows 10 builds. It started happening a good 5 months or so ago, but seeing as I'm the only one testing and building these machines I looked into it for a bit, got fed up and moved on (it was only Windows 8 at the time, and I build those using media as its surface pro's) Anyway, I've been through everything, was it the WIM? Was it the fact I was pumping in an xml file to customise it? Was it drivers? After going through all of that I was no closer... I'd been using a physical machine as it was sat on my desk... the other day I thought, "Right, lets do it on a virtual to 100% rule out drivers) and bingo... it worked! So it's definitely a driver issue... so then I thought, its not affecting my windows 7 devices (all 10k of them)... and it started around September time.. so what the hell did I import then? Well we had a new HP laptop (640 G2) that came with the Intel L219 Nic... So now I've got the latest version of the drivers, Imported them and BINGO! It's back working! I know this isn't quite related to your issue but thought i'd bung it up for anyone else...
  3. Cool! Getting the same thing here as well... I'm guessing they didn't give you a rough estimate as to when it would be fixed though I hope we won't have to go through this every single time there's a point release... WaaS seems a bit more fiddly than I was expecting!
  4. HELP! Right, I've taken delivery of a nice new Surface Pro 4.. It's come with pro on it and i'm trying to upgrade it to Enterprise. I've managed to get Enterprise on by butting the latest iso onto usb and runnign that from the mahcine, but I've go tall sorts of issues with it (start menu not working etc) and none of the fixes work so I'm going to wipe and try again. I can't for the life of me get the thing to boot off of USB. Has anyone managed to get USB boot working on the Pro 4? I've tried the USB media for Windows 10 as well as SCCm 2012 boot media (with my Windows 10 task sequence on it) It just refuses to boot off of it.. I'm guessing it's some kind of EUFI issue? Help me windows-nob, you're my only hope!
  5. Managed to figure it out, had a hidden collection pushing and old version of the client out.... unsurprisingly it doesn't like trying to reinstall over the top of a newer version...
  6. Morning, got a weird issue here, current setup SCCM 2012 R2 CU3... We're seeing the config manager client re-install itself after OSD Completes successfully. It's not straight away, it can take 40 mins or so after OSD completes. We've noticed it because Software Centre goes walkabout... I'm installing the CU3 patch as part of OSD via the patch switch and that works. You can logon to the machine after OSD has completed and everything looks fine, software will install, patches will install, everythings great (no errors in logs for instance). Initially I thought it might be the upgrade collection for clients (To update all clients to Cu3), but I've excluded all machines in the OSD collections from this collection and confirmed that the update doesn't try to happen (I thought it might be trying to upgrade the client to the CU3 despite it already being Cu3) Any ideas? I'm starting to wonder if it's the client health function thinking it's borked, trying to repair itself, and breaking itself... .
  7. Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place, but thought I'd post this up as I've spent a week trying to figure out how to get the Windows store working properly in our environment. Our environment is highly locked down because of the nature of what we do. Because of this the Windows store has been disabled. We've started trialling various Windows 8.1 devices for use as mobility solutions and it quickly became apparent that without the ModernUI apps the devices were basically very expensive laptops. Our users were after devices that had the freedom of an Ipad crossed with the functionality of a laptop, there are a whole load of ModernUI apps that offer some of this functionality (such as MDM solutions that don't require a two factor authentication etc) So there are 4 GPO's that control access to the store Computer System\internet communication settings\Turn off access to the store Windows components\store\Turn off the store Application User System\internet communication settings\Turn off access to the store Windows components\store\Turn off the Store application I configured these thinking "Great, nice and simple.." But no. What did I get? Well I either got the green windows store screen, with a spinny logo that sat there for at least a day (I was angry at this point and was about to throw it out the window so thought I'd better leave it alone) or if I actually managed to get into the store I couldn't install anything, I'd click on install and get a message popup straight away Your purchase couldn't be completed Something happened and your purchase can't be completed. Error code 0x8024500c Moving the machine into an OU with no GPO's (bar default domain policy) applied it worked. Moving back into a standard OU with our standard GPO's it broke again... ARAGGGH!!! So I spent a good 5 days trawling through the hundred's of GPO's, turning them all on and off individually using local group policy...the event log was filled with errors... googling the above error message or any of the event log errors produced the sum total of f'all (go google that error and see what you get).. I'd followed all the tips I could find about getting the store working (re registering the appx store app, resetting the store cache, even redoign our build with a fresh wim from the Microsoft volume licensing site) I was about to throw the towel in and contact Microsoft when I had a brainwave.... When the error message was appearing, it was appearing instantly, there was no waiting around 2 mins for a time out, no thinking about it, just BANG! Get lost,you're not having this app! That, I figured meant it knew it wasn't allowed to go to wherever it was going so it didn't even bother... So what do I stop Windows from talking to on the internet... what don't I need windows to talk to on the internet because we handle it all using System Centre... Windows updates!!! BINGO! Computer Windows components\Windows update\Do not connect to any windows update internet locations The blinking description even mentions (Enabling this policy will disable that functionality, and may cause connection to public services such as the Windows Store to stop working.) that enabling this policy wills top the store from working! ARRRGGGHHHHH!! If anyone's interested in how (in a restricted environment) we're locking down the store (this is a proof of concept for 50 users so we're not going down the Intune or sideloading road yet), we're allowing access to the store and then using applocker to block the apps. We have one deny rule in blocking all apps and then put in exceptions for the apps we want to allow. It's fiddly building up the list but it works and our users and internal security team are happy! Anyway, as I said, I thought I'd put this here in case anyone else is having the same issues (as I know the site gets crawled by google).. I'm off to the pub now for a couple of cheeky beers....
  8. Right, fixed this myself. I had deployed the Task sequence so that only Boot Media and PXE (hidden) had access to this. To use a hidden TS you need to have a task sequence variable enabled called SMSTSPreferredAdvertID Set the variable to the Deployment ID of the Deployment of the specific Task Sequence that has been deployed to the Unknown Computers collection. Make sure you select the right deployment, I spent 15 mins trying to work out why it wasn't working, as I had had copied the deployment for the specific TS that wasn't advertised to the Unknown Computers collection. To get the DeploymentID... Software Library\Operating Systems\Task sequences Select your task sequence and in the pane at the bottom select the Deployments tab. Right click on the titles and select "Deployment ID" And to answer my own question, no, you don;t need the DP's to be enabled for Unknown Computer support is just using boot media.
  9. Probably network drivers. Make sure you've enabled debugging and press F8 went it boots up, make sure you;re getting an ip address. Although with it being hyper-v i'd imagine they drivers are inbox drivers and should be part of winPE. I've not played with hyper V much but I know on vmware you can set to a default legacy NIC. You can try re running teh task sequence by goign to x:\sms\bin\i38\tsbootshell.exe (for x86 use x64 for obviously x64) With new models of kit I've found it a bit fiddly getting the right drivers, I tend to use drvrload to load them up and make sure they work before integrating them into the boot image.
  10. I had lots of weird oddities, until I put a restart in after installing Config Manager, I set that to boot into the OS and not back into WinPE and everything has been rock solid (10k deployments) since then.
  11. Have you tried re-starting WDS? Might have thrown a wobbler...
  12. Afternoon, I'm looking to deploy a TS via bootmedia to bare metal machines. I've already deployed lots of different TS's to all sorts of kit, so i'm fine and happy with that. However I know have a requirement to build bare metal tin. Ideally I'm going to get the chaps doing it via boot media. So far I have; Deployed the Task Sequence to Unknown Computers (Bootmedia and PXE (hidden) Built bootmedia with Unknown Computer support enabled (as well as the old OSD ComputerName variable) When I boot the media, I put the password in but it tells me there are no task sequence available for this computer. Do I need to enable Unknown Computer Support (something i'm loathe to do) on the PXE Dp's as well? Thanks in advance.
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