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  1. Ok, so now I have updated to R2 U2 and I'm still seeing the same issue but now with cm12-r2cu2-kb2970177 Any ideas?
  2. So I might be totally confused at this point in regards to patches and updates and release versions... I'm seeing computers "failing" to install the client according to the log file but the client seems to be working ok. In the ccmsetup.log I am seeing the following error - "Couldn't verify 'C:\windows\ccmsetup\configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2910552-x64.msp' authenticode signature. Return code 0x800b003" I've attached the log file for one of the machines. Any ideas? I've googled and I think it has something to do with certificates but updates that it says to apply to the server state that they are not needed. SCCM Version - 5.00.7958.1000 Build Number - 7958 ccmsetup.log
  3. HA!!! Please disregard. I figured out what happened. I placed the "wnb" folder in the root of the toolkit folder instead of under the "scripts" sub-folder. That's why it couldn't find some things. All is good now
  4. I've been using the windows-noob front end for 2007 for almost 3 years now. I just upgraded to 2012 and I'm trying to get the front end task sequence working but I'm running into issues. I have attached my smsts.log file but I wanted to give a little background info as well: I have not extended the schema. Long story and it will be done in 3 weeks. I am able to deploy software without any issues. I was able to do a build and capture for windows 7. I am able to get an IP address and make connection to the sccm box. I can see that it has copied the scriptroot folder down however, it seems that the TS is unable to find the %scriptroot% variable/location - does this get deleted upon failure? I don't get the hta to ever show up Any ideas? I must be missing something simple. I've gone over the log file and other than the obvious errors I just don't see what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! smsts-20131009-170406.log
  5. I think the key factors that are not being discussed are network infrastructure and disk speed (of the server storing the image). It sounds like you are capturing an image that is larger in size because it includes all of your standard applications, so maybe someone who is able to capture an image in 10-15 minutes is working with a thin image that has nothing more than the OS. I don't think an accurate assessment of your issue can be accomplished without knowing some more specifics.
  6. Can you post the collection query and the report?
  7. I'm having the opposite problem, I am able to install Visual Studio Tools without any issue but I'm having a hard time getting PIA 2010 installed silently. I used vstor40_x64 /q and it installed just fine. What command line are you using for PIA?
  8. Interesting, I have the same issue as Nooblar. When I PXE boot my 3 VM it wants to look to the SCCM server IP for DCHP but the DHCP role is not on that box, it's on my AD box. I don't think I need an IP helper, it's all MS controlled and all on the same network segment. Any other ideas?
  9. My setup is not quite as involved as Niall's is but it's similar. I also have an HP 8560W with the following: Quad Core i7-2720QM @ 2.2Ghz 14GB ram (I know, odd number) 700GB internal SATA drive 1TB External eSATA drive I don't use Hyper-V though. I am using Oracle's VirtualBox and love it (Free)! I quite frequently am running 5+ VM's at a time and currently am running Niall's SCCM 2012 setup with a Central and a Primary. Working well so far!
  10. It wasn't skipping the steps but I did find out what the problem was. When I created the package I pointed it to \\sccm\source\language\de-de\ instead of pointing it to \\sccm\source\language\ I changed the package and then German installed without any issues. For what it's worth, I will be installing multiple languages and I setup my source folder like this - \\sccm\source\language\de-de\de-de\lp.cab so that I could create different packages for different locations. Thanks for checking in Niall.
  11. I checked throughout the whole process and never saw a smsosd folder being created under c:\_smstasksequence. Any other ideas?
  12. Can you think of any reason why my language packs won't install? smstslog says that it installs OK. I'm setting language to German and I do have the German.lp setup as a package. Localization settings work fine, but the language pack just never gets installed.
  13. I have seen other posts with people who have tried to accomplish something like this but haven't really found an answer - Requirements: Transfer USMT data direct from PC to PC to minimize network traffic Captured data must be as up to date as possible Cannot interrupt source PC usage to backup data (scanstate must be run in windows) These are all side-by-side deployments so manually setting up computer associations will not be possible I am using the Windows Noob HTA (and love it). It is slightly modified to include a drop down for OU selection. I would like to see something like "Old PC Name" and then create a variable from there to use when running the scanstate executable - "scanstate.exe \\%oldPC%" I'm trying to use PSEXEC to run scanstate.exe from the source PC to create the migration data that I would then copy over to the destination PC but I keep getting an access denied in the SMSTS log for psexec.exe I have tried running this a bunch of different ways - all after rebooting the PC into the installed OSusing the "runas" a different user - providing domain credentials that has access to all computersrunning psexec with the -s (system) switchrunning psexec with the -u & -p to specify those credentials for psexec to userunning psexec from either the local PC or the remote PC or a network location I've attached Im hoping someone reads this that has accomplished something similar already. psexec_err.txt
  14. I know this isn't an answer but I thought I would throw this out there - I am having the same issue but only with VirtualBox VM's. Actually it's super slow capturing or even applying an image. According to the activity lights it seems to be an issue with hard drive IO rather than a network issue. I don't use either Hyper-V or Esx and I'm doing this for Windows 7 and not Server though. I am however able to use vmware fusion (on a mac); vmware player (PC); and Parallels (Mac) and get a decent image capture/deployment time.
  15. Answered - Apparently I do need to "Disable 64-bit file system redirection" in order for this to work. Everything is ok now.
  16. Im not sure what is wrong, but I still cannot find the smstslog file. The only thing I see is in the task sequence report - BaseVar = '', ContinueOnError='' SwdAction = '0001' Set command line: Run command line Working dir 'not set' Executing command line: Run command line Process completed with exit code 1 Command line returned 1 This is for the "Import Power Scheme" step. The "Copy Power Scheme" step works fine and does copy the .pow file to c:\windows. This is a 64bit system, I don't need to redirect for 64bit do I?
  17. i did, still no luck. I have mucked around with the task sequence so much that I just decided to create a clean "config testing" TS. I have done nothing more than open an HTA, apply an image, windows settings, config mgr client, and apply the power settings. I will see what luck I have then. Hopefully even if it doesn't work, I will be able to find the smstslog. I will update.
  18. Hmm.. I still can't seem to find the smstslog after windows has been deployed. I'm definetely missing something.
  19. yes, I'm trying to get it after it has failed (continue on failure checked). So it's in Full windows OS. There isn't a SMSTSLOG subdirectory in the ccm\logs folder. I'm confused and will just end up re-running the task sequence to grab the log I guess. Hey on a side note - I'm trying to populate pc description in Ad with the model and serial number of the machine during deployment. I grabbed something from Maik Koster that was built for MDT but I thought I read it would work on SCCM. Is there anything wrong with using "oEnvironment" in SCCM task sequences?
  20. I'm sure it is an issue with my step but I can't seem to find the smsts.log file after the machine has booted. I thought it was supposed to be c:\windows\syswow64\ccm\logs\smsts.log ???
  21. no matter where I put these steps I could not get this to work. I am able to manually apply the power schemes via command line within windows so I know my .pow file and guid are correct. It kept telling me that it couldn't find the pow file in the windows directory. I confirmed that it was there, but it would still fail.
  22. I believe all you need to do is place that file on the root of a USB key. Windows 7 install searches the root of all drives by default looking or the Autounattend.xml file. Hope that helps!
  23. This looks like it could be an awesome tool but I can't get it to work 100%. I am able to search for computernames in the sccm database but I cannot find any packages to install. Obviously this means I have connectivity but something isn't working right for the % search. Any ideas?
  24. I have to figure out where that is coming from. I originally installed 2012 beta but removed it.
  25. Here you go! Sorry for the delay - been super busy trying to get all of these HP drivers setup - Pain in the butt!! Archive.zip
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