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Found 7 results

  1. SCCM replication not happening between database server and central admin server. Showing management point critical error and component server error
  2. So l’m kind new to SCCM’s OSD and I’ve been assigned to do an upgrade for Windows 7 workstation to Windows 10 v1703. I read online that the maximum ADK supported by SCCM 1606 is v1607, lucky I also read some posts online saying that it worked fine with Windows 10 v1706 although Microsoft does not support it. Now, my questions is our environment has an older ADK version that I don’t wish to remove if that possible. Can I just install the new ADK + upload new images to console + use new USMT Package for user data migration? Or must I upgrade the whole winPE to the new ADK environment? And if so, is there is any easier way then using scripts to update image and adk level ? ( older SCCM versions don’t have the option of reloading boot images) *current environment has two ADKs !! win 8.1 /older version of win 10 adk . If anyone can guide me please, I’m supposed to start the upgrade as soon as possible as windows 7 is going to be out of support in 2020.
  3. Hello All, Can you please let me know what needs to be done in this case 'The Software Change Returned Error Code 0x87d01106', i have packaged a IE Plug-in and deployed it to 4 machines for testing. 3 Were successful, the forth one returned this error: The Software Change Returned Error Code 0x87d01106 The software is already distributed to all the DP's. Can you please suggest. Thank you very much in advance. Thanks, Prasad
  4. Hello, I've deployed a group of Windows updates to a collection which has no maintenance window and it's works correcty and all devices are comliant excep one who do not getting the updates and showing "Client check passed/Active" state. I've tried to stop wuauserv service and delete "SoftwareDistribution" floder but it isn't works for me. below details about my environment. Client Device : windows Server 2012 R2 whitch hosts the McAfee antivirus solution. FYI: I've tried to stop McAfee services but it restart automaticaly when the process of updates begin. SCCM Management Server: SCCM 2012 R2 SP1, WSUS 4.0 (6.3.9600.18694) Logs : - WUAHandler.log : Successfully completed scan - UpdatesDeployment.log : EnumerateUpdates for action (UpdateActionInstall) - Total actionable updates = 0 - LocationServices.log : ALL its correct - WindowsUpdate.log : 4 Warning WARNING: IsSessionRemote: WinStationQueryInformationW(WTSIsRemoteSession) failed for session 9, GetLastError=2250 WARNING: Failed to get Wu Exemption info from NLM, assuming not exempt, error = 0x80240037 WARNING: Failed to initialize event uploader for new server {9482F4B4-E343-43B6-B170-9A65BC822C77} with hr = 8024043d. WARNING: Network Cost is assumed to be not supported as something failed with trying to get handles to wcmapi.dll Thank you in advance for your help. cordially. Hadjer YAHIAOUI Infra Admin
  5. Hello All, Before I get to my problem I just gotta say I love this site. It is very educational and helpful. So today I installed the Adobe Flashplayer 11.7.700.169 with SCCM 2012. I installed both the Active X and Plugin versions as SCCM Applications by using the MSI files I downloaded from Adobe here http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html . Both were installed and show up in Add/Remove programs with the correct version number. But when I point the browser to a site that uses flashplayer, none can be detected. If I follow the link provided by the website to adobe's web site and manually install flashplayer, then it works. After that, I see two copies of it in Add/Remove Programs, both with the same version number. The only thing I noticed different, is that the one pushed out from my SCCM 2012 server is 17 MB's and the one from the manual install is 6 MBs. So it seems like SCCM did its job and installed the program. But then why can't it be detected? And why does it show up twice after a manual install? I have installed Flashplayer several times before, without a problem and have pushed out other programs also. Has anyone else seen or had this problem? Any suggestions on what I may have done wrong? Thanks!
  6. Having built a System Center (cm)12 for the purpose of WSUS and imaging of a new Win 7 and to deploy applications via the application catalogue. I have followed the instructions of this site. FANTASTIC but the question of getting just Visio, not office 2007 to deployment via the application catalogue I can’t find an answer to…. First you have issue relating to exe to MSI for the catalogue to display, and got many exe based apps to deploy and work all via the catalogue with approval and detection methods working but i just can’t get Visio to install correctly from the catalogue. Visio is shown in the catalogue, approval works and then it tries to install with various errors. Each time I change anything, it prompts me to say it has a new software and I clear the CCMCache folder via the client to ensure it pulls the new on down. Using setup.exe /visio.msp /config config.xml, nothing happens: I have amend the config.xml to include the PID key (with works on a manual install VLK version) it gives error 30030 Using setup.exe /config.xml just reinstalls office back on to the already installed version from the fat image. Using the setup.exe /adminfile "\\****\Deployment\Applications\Office 2007 Professional Plus\Setup_visio.msp" /config \\****\Deployment\Applications\Office 2007 Professional plus\config.xml gave error 30066 I feel as I am going round in circles and yet I have goggled answers and they all point to the methods I have tried.
  7. Currently using Config manager 2012 and clients are running windows 7 enterprise 64bit. The new computers have been created in AD via a powershell script and imported into config manager. Computers have been allocated into collections to specify which software they receive. Within these collections there are collection variables assigned that are used within the task sequence to determine if software in installed or not. when we start imaging we enter the computer name that matches the name within Config manager. Problem: Whenever the new computers are imaged they do not recognize the collection variables set so the software does not install. Then once the client registers with the config manager server it removes it is removed from all collection that it was previously allocated. Can clients that do not have an active status hold a collection variable? Why are they being removed from collections when the Config manager client registers with the server? How can this problem be resolved without imaging the same computer twice and forcing a refresh of the collection memberships?? Can you force a client heartbeat discovery during a task sequence before software is installed?? Any other suggestions on solving this problem would be greatly appreciated How do i get unknown computers to receive collection variables if they call into collections?
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