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Can't deploy Windows 10 1607 through Windows 10 Servicing - systems compliant?

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i'm sorry if this has already been answered but i'm struggling to deploy Windows 10 (1607) to some Windows 10 (1511) machines from SCCM using Windows 10 servicing.


Current setup:

SCCM version - 1606

Windows 10 - 1511 (English) Enterprise Edition


Within Windows 10 updates (under servicing) the feature update is listed in the console.

I have created a service plan and when i run a preview the feature upgrade is listed (see screen).

I have tried the feature upgrade with two different English languages "english-gb" and "english-us" but neither seems to work.


The deployment ring is set to currant branch and the two systems i am attempting to deploy to have "do not defer upgrades" in operating system readiness.


The language on my system is - 1033


the update has been downloaded and is on the distribution points, when i run the servicing plan and then wake up the systems they dont download the update.

If i look into the motoring section under deployment the deployment is listed but the machines are set to complaint ??


any ideas?










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ive logged on to the machines locally ran all the sccm client actions and nothing seems to be pulled down from the server. It's behaving as if the update isnt required so it just lists it as compliant in thge sccm console, which is strange because its a 1607 feature upgrade and the system is 1511.


are there any logs that i can check for this feature upgrade?

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i meant to trigger a heartbeat discovery from the administrator console, discovery methods, can you try that and see does it make any difference ?

also what is operating system name and version= ?

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Heartbeat discovery within the Console is greyed out, but it is enabled and is set to run everyday. I read that triggering all the actions from the client will run a haertbeat discovery so thats why i did it that way.


the operstaing system name is - Windows 10 Enterprise

Version - 1511

system type - 64bit

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To deploy Windows 10 1607 using ConfigMgr 1606 service plan, Consider to review

Update your ConfigMgr 1606 SUP servers to deploy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update


To deploy Windows 10 1607 using ConfigMgr 1606 using OSD consider Consider to review

How to upgrade Windows 10 1607 with SCCM 1606 (Inplace Task Sequence)


​Last resource Related info

RecoverCrypto: File is encrypted, but no key was provided http://venusingireddy.blogspot.com.es/2016/08/recovercrypto-file-is-encrypted-but-no.html

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Just writing to say I have the same error...

Started this thread at technet:




..but no answers so far.


Last resort would be to reinstall WSUS like described here: http://venusingireddy.blogspot.no/2016/08/recovercrypto-file-is-encrypted-but-no.html#comment-form


..but some comments indicates it doesn't work for everybody.

Also I got a little different error in the setupact.log-file: Remapping missing decrypt key error [0xC1800118] -> [0x80248008]



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WUHandler.log give me this error every time the client tries to install the feature update (1607)

Installation job encountered some failures. Error = 0x80240022. Commit Result = 0x00000001.

Been trying for days to figure this out now, but no luck. Also lots of problems related to WSUS and the Anniversary update it seems.


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