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How can I install System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) version 1902 on Windows Server 2019 with SQL Server 2017 - Part 1

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24 minutes ago, anyweb said:

hi, if you are planning on doing this on a Surface that's fine as long as it has at least 16GB of ram (minimum) for all the virtual machines, and lots of storage.

for both #1 and #2 configure the switch as PRIVATE that way it won't matter that you are running DHCP as it will be self contained in it's own private network


That's no problem, it's a good surface :) (I7, 16 gb ram, 1 tb disk).
In effect I've two surface NICs available, the ethernet and Wifi, and I can map a switch to either of those two interfaces.

I was thinking that communication inside the hosted domain could go through a private switch, but there'll need to be an internet facing link to fetch win updates and similar, so I was thinking of adding an extra Nic to the DC so it could act as the gateway.

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everything inside the LAB should be on a private network, that way everything in the lab can talk to itself without interference from the outside, if you map a switch to a network card then that effectively gives your lab access to anything on that network and vice versa, so if your network card is connected say to your internal company network, and you set your switch to External, using your onboard NIC, then your dhcp  server could start handing out ip's on your company network, and you don't want that.

so keep your lab private, and only share internet into the lab using a smoothwall or similar.

if you want to 'test' deploying things (like operating systems or otherwise) to computers outside of the lab, then follow my guide here

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Dear Niall, 

Hope this finds you and your loved ones well and safe, can i please ask 2 questions, 

1. when you say run as a Local Admin, does that mean use the Local Admin account or use the account i added to the local admin group?

2. I did the PKI guide first and i have a IIS on my WebServer already, should i create another Lab to do this guide or ignore IIS part?

My Config,

DC1 & DC2





WebServer IIS



Thank you for your feed back and appreciate the time you put on the guides that are always up to date as this is the second time i'm doing these Labs, the other Lab i created was on a Laptop and it died and i wanted to create this Lab tomorrow as it's rainy day tomorrow, so staying indoors to concentrate to do this Lab.

A great evening and Sunday to you

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hi Mniceguy81,

i'm fine, working in my back garden keeping myself busy before my vacation ends and back to work...

for your questions.


1. as long as the account is a local administrator of the computer that is fine, doesn't need to be the built in local admin account

2. it's up to you, to keep it simple create a new lab, and later add pki to it, that's the way i do it, in other words, i create a SCCM lab first (http) then go through the PKI labs (8 parts) then convert sccm to https (2 parts), you'll find it all here >



good luck !

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