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using SCCM 2012 RC in a LAB - Part 8. Deploying Windows 7 X64

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I am getting the exact same error that the program files for XXX00002 cannot be located on a distrubtion point.


The package comes back to config manager client and i have verified that it is 100% compliance on the DP.


I have added my network account in manage access on the package (as admin).


My infrastructure is extermly simple. one primary server, no CAS, and a boundry group with all my sites in it (3 different subnets).


The primary server is assigned to the boundry group.


Thanks for any insight.

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I found the issue...i missed this in part 7 step 8:

Tip: you could create a Configuration Manager Client Package from Defintion if you want to have control over the abilit to access this content directly from a distribution point. The built in package does not give you this flexibility as all options are greyed out.


I made a copy, edited the task to use the copy...and wahla, the deployment works!!!


Thanks, hope this helps someone else!!

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I have successfully captured a win7 x64 image and then redeployed it to a new machine through pxe boot. I now want to be able to deploy that same image to a existing client automatically. I created the task and assigned it to the correct collection containing my laptop but nothing ever happens. Is there something I am missing. I set it up as a required deployment with a schedule as being available at 10:00 am and expiration of 10:15 am. I assumed that it would start the task at 10:15 am. I have noticed though that when I was deploying apps and setting them as required that they don't show up for up to an hour later. Does anyone know how long after you distribute the content and deploy the app or task will it start running? How long does it take the software center to see the task that is pushed to it on the client? Thank you

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I have been able to build and capture using PXE. Now i created new TS, and deployed to a new Collection. Added the client to a new collection.

When trying to run, client is not pxe booting: Exiting Intel PXE ROM. Operating system not Found.


Where should o start? what logs? I think this is before smsts.log


Thank you.

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I am getting the following error:

Failed to run the last action: Apply Data Image 1. Execution of task sequence failed. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows)

I think this error is related to:

The requested target could not be resolved to a valid volume on this computer. Check your task sequence to ensure this drive is correct and that it is being created The parameter is incorrect. (Error: 80070057; Source: Windows)

I am using vm to deploy.

I have Destination in the task sequence set to Next available formatted partition.

IS it possible that there is no partition?

Where did i make a mistake?

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