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How can I setup a Distribution Point in ConfigMgr 2012 on a Windows 7 computer?

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The issue is resolved, the problem was that the WMI Name space \root\SCCMDP did not exist????

I've created the namespace manually using mofcomp.exe smsdpprov.mof and after that all worked fine. I've tried on 2 WIN7 machines and in both cases had same issue, not sure why this did not get created when installing the DP role.

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Hi, meet a issue when I deploy a distribution point on Windows 7. In fact, I this error in my log file distmgr :


Error in verifying the trust of file '\\MyServer\SMS_DP$\sms\bin\ccmcore.dll'. SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER 11/05/2012 17:18:26 5940 (0x1734)


it's strange because I respect requirement in this topic :s


Thanks for help


PS : Sorry for mistakes, I'm french :)



EDIT : My Distribution Point as successfully installed during night. Maybe a issues on my network.

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Once again this fourm has saved me. Adding the SCCM computer account to the local admin on DP machine has worked. I was pulling my hair out for hours on this one. My set up is tricky. I have a root domain and 2 child domains branching of this all virtual sitting on one physical box. My SCCM is virtual also hosting SQL on the same physical box. I have created 2 more VMs just for DPs for each child domaian on a top level domain basis. The 2 child domain will eventually replicate out to 15+ more sites. The 2 child domains will consistenly be on seperate VLANs per site basis.


Just curious to know if it is good practice to have a DP at each site wth SUP and PXE point? My DP, SUP & PXE points will all be residing on a purposely bulit virtual server on a per site basis. Would this be a good setup to implement? And plus also would the one primary site at the top comfortably be able to handle all this??


Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? Any advice is very appreciated!!

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