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Deploy Windows 7

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I followed the tutorial and I get an error 0x80070005.


My logs is : (in french)


Le moteur d'exécution des séquences de tâches n'a pas pu exécuter l'action (Capturer la machine de référence) dans le groupe (Capturer la machine de référence) avec le code d'erreur 2147942405
Sortie de l'action : ployment.
Boot volume is C:Volume A:\ will not be captured: not a fixed hard drive
Volume D:\ will not be captured: not a fixed hard drive
Volume X:\ will not be captured: not a fixed hard drive
Preparing system for capture...
Successfully loadedthe BCD boot system
Connection request for "\\srvsccm\Sources\Captures\7"
Connecting to "\\srvsccm\Sources\Captures\7"
Successfully connected to "\\srvsccm\Sources\Captures\7"
Creating image file \\srvsccm\Sources\Captures\7\win7ent.wim
m_hImageFile= WIMCreateFile( const_cast<LPWSTR>(m_sImageFileName.c_str()), WIM_GENERIC_WRITE, WIM_CREATE_ALWAYS, 0, WIM_COMPRESS_LZX, NULL), HRESULT=80070005 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\wimfile.cpp,244)
ImageFile.Create(sCaptureDestination), HRESULT=80070005 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\capturesystemimage\capturesystemimage.cpp,883)
Finished with error code 0x80070005
Unloading offline SOFTWARE registry hive
Unable to create the image file (0x80070005)
Unloading offline SYSTEM registry hive. Le système d'exploitation a signalé l'erreur 2147942405 : Accès refusé.


But i don't understand the error because the connection is succesfull.


Help me anyone please, and thank you.



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I was able to at least get past the PXE boot but now I'm getting the dreaded "PXE Boot aborted." message. I've went as far as starting from scratch using this guide. In the smspxe.log file I get the "No Boot Action for Device (4813) found"


One other peculiar thing I noticed is that once I advertise the TS it shows up as an advertisement but when I check the advertisement status, it's no where to be found.


So my issue is that I can't get my test machine to PXE boot. About 2 weeks ago it was PXE booting fine but for some reason it's failing now. I have also unsuccessfully "Clear(ed) last PXE advertisement" for the collection. Any ideas?

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Im currently using a Manual Capture process but would like to start using Build and Capture method. My question or concern is what aobut Updates? That is the only reason I haven't went to the Build and Capture Method yet. We use a "Thin" image and with it we install all the updates and SP but no applications.


For example we had been deploying Win7 for a while then after SP1, I did a manul capture of a reference computer with SP1 and other updates. However nowe we are at the point that a newly deployed machine has over 100 updates to be applied.


I dont see how if I have an old image on SCCM and use that to build and capture I get it updated with all the update with out having the tech go through updates after its deployed?

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Your instructions show that immediatly the computer starts running the "Build and capture Windows 7".

When I try mine out, i get all the way Select a Task Sequence. I'm assuming that is correct and ok. I will select my Build and Capture Windows 7 TS and see what happens

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We have bought new systems 300 desktops and 100 laptops and are planning to deploy OS (Win 7) using SCCM 2012.This will be the first time that I will be using SCCM.I know there is a build and capture Method to deploy OS but It wolud be really helpful if some one out there can tell me how to approach to accomplish this task.Also I would like to know how can i Partition HDD using SCCM.

I want to create a Golden Image where C drive will be 50 gb and rest will be For Drive D with all my applicatons and drivers included in WIM file and later I can use that Image for future deployments.

My question is how can we Partition the Disk using Sccm and build the Image


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So once this is all built and I've captured my image I no longer have to go through this if I want to capture a new image. For example after a year has passed by, I decided i want to capture a new image to start deployin. I can just start at PXE boot and select Build and Capture correct?

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Hi Guys

I've tried searching within this forum the answer(s) to my OS deployment difficulty, but it seems that I just can't find it or I am just not understanding some parts. After the PE part, I am receiving the message below:

PXE Boot aborted. Booting to next device..

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.

Operating System not found

The smsts.log file also shows the error below which according to my research and understanding is a result of the network and storage drivers not installed in the default x86 and x64 boot images under Operating System Deployment:

Failed to resolve selected task sequence dependencies. Code(0×80040104)

Both boot images have the the version 6.1.7600.16385


My server is 2008 32 bit with DHCP, DNS, SQL 2008 and SCCM 2007


All VMs.


Thank you very much for the help that you can extend to me.



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if pxe boot aborts then you need to clear the last PXE boot on that computer object in the console (right click,..)

as regards "Failed to resolve selected task sequence dependencies. Code(0×80040104)" you need to examine the SMSTS.log file and find out what package(s) are not on the distribution points and once done resolve them

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The attached file represent the 3 steps that is related for the installation of the Software Updates and this is not working for me.

When the « install Software Updates » step is executed, it never gives me back any errors but the following message stays always on the screen:


"Running action: Install Software Updates"
"Downloading 1 of 88 Updates (0% complete) …."

Where do you think is the problem?
What log should I check to resolve my problem and how can I access this log is this message is always staying on the screen?


Thank you so much to help me about this problem.


Lucie Cusson



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