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  1. are you want to capture the boot media? if yes then first you have to capture the TS media wizard then u have to create a reference image then u have to add that image in boot image in Operating system node, then configure that image in TS for OSD
  2. Have you updated network driver, and update you distribution point
  3. Have you checked your client version and which version of sccm are you using? and also check MP setting, your discovery is workling fine?
  4. If you are deploying operating system to unknown computer and you are facing a problem and getting some error---- 1-No action found for boot device, means your system is not getting PXE and you WDS service is not running on server, though you have configured all task sequence. just restart WDS services and reconfigure your PXE, 2-The computer associations are not created by the import computer information wizard in SCCM 2007 Service pack 2 You click the following item in the Configuration Manager console: Computer Management\Operating System Deployment\Computer Association
  5. When i'm deploying operating system on unknown system by using import computer information through "Computer Association" everything is working fine with operating system deployment, i can deploy operating system, But i don't wanna import computer system information, because i have to deploy in large no, so i decided i will deploy on unknown system those are fresh and newly, "when i start computer then those computer should be connect with DHCP then connect with SCCM server and then ask for press F12 after pressing F12 computer should be load windows file and after that ask for Target collec
  6. Is there any option is available in SCCM R3, i want deploy operating system to unknown system,

    1. SharadSingh


      I can deploy operating to unknown system by using import computer information through computer association, but i don't wanna import computer information. i want user have to press F12 on unknown computer(which is newly and pure blank) and windows file will load itself via PXE and after that operating system should be install.

    2. anyweb


      enable unknown computer support on your PXE service point role.

  7. Already i have configured boot image that is HTA boot image and also configured task sequence, i want to deploy os on fresh newly system(that is unknown system for SCCM). just m pressing f12 on system then it connect to sccm server and after that loaded the windows image and then it ask for system name and collection name then shows the option for install, when i click on install it shows "waiting the resource ID to show in collection before installation " and after some time it shows...

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