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  1. I am a complete newbie to Intune. I followed the guide to deploy Office to my test users. However it never installs. How do I begin troubleshooting? I noticed that in the portal, the number of Intune enrolled devices is zero. On my test computer, I logged in as my test user. What additional step do I need to do to have the machine show up as Intune enrolled device?
  2. I completed all the steps outlined, however the newly created client package and the update package continues to update. There are no client.acu file within Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\hman.box . But two files are constantly being created and disappeared and created again: <sitecode>.ITC and <sitecode>.SCU This is 1706 with hotfix installed. Help!
  3. Hello, Problem: I was testing OS deployment on a machine that had previously failed. When I re-deploy an MDT task sequence to it, it returns error 0x80070002 near the beginning around the step "Use Toolkit Package". If I run the same task sequence on a new unknown machine, everything is fine and deployment completes. Because the new machine finished the deployment, I started guessing that in the first failed deployment, it left something on the hard drive that prevents the machine from running another OS deployment. I subsequently tried to deploy a simple task sequence to that failed machine (success) and then deploy the same MDT task sequence to it and everything is ok. My guess is that the step "initialization - partition if necessary" was skipped and old files from the first failed deployment remains and caused the failure if I tried deploying a task sequence to that machine again. How do I force the "Partition if Necessary" step to run everytime? Environment: SCCM 2012 SP1 MDT integration Windows Server 2012
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