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  1. I assume you want to PXE boot into OSD? Easily done. Setup a Distribution Point on the subnet's you want to get OSD working on. Be sure to enable the PXE Role. You need to create a boundary for that subnet and assign it to this distribution point. This will tell clients to look here for content & OSD installations. No need for a secondary site, the other clients on the other subnet can still use the primary site you've created as a management point, and just get their content from the local DP
  2. Depends on what sort of server you want to install in that new site. I assume you mean just a DP. You'll need RDP regardless anyway. Setup the server to have IIS installed, along with Remote Differential Compression, and Enable BITS (I do this as standard on all my DP's) Add the site server computer account as administrator on the DP. On your CAS / Primary Site - go into Administration > Site Configuration > Create Site System Server Enter in all the details for your new server account, then select the Distribution Point role from the System Role Selection screen. Wait about 20-30 minutes and it should be on its way to going live. You can monitor the progress under Montioring > Distribution Status > Distribution Point Confuguration Status
  3. Need to specify the command peter wrote from where ever you're installing the ccmsetup.exe If in OSD, then there's a space under Setup Windows & ConfigMgr for additional parameters.
  4. I don't think there's any easy way to identify an SSD via WMI at present. was looking into it last year and came across many posts regarding it. Have a read of this: http://allthingsconfigmgr.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/improved-ssd-detection-during-task-sequences/ Apart from that, as Kevlar01 mentioned, a seperate TS and running the appropriate one may be another altenrative
  5. Create a new build & capture sequence with the new O365 install on it. then update your TS to use the new .wim it generates
  6. I'm guessing you've got the primary site server setup as a DP also? - in which case, i think you should just be able to remove that distribution point from the content location of the OS image in properties.
  7. As above, check if default firewall is enabled, i've had this issue before now when windows firewall was on, disabling it sorted it
  8. Have you tried adding a step purging the machine from the database before running the OS install? i.e. - Delete all records of that machine from SCCM first before running the sequence
  9. This covers a basic basic setup of a TS - http://www.jack-davidson.net/basic-task-sequence-creation-for-windows-in-sccm-2012-r2/ You'll probably want to configure more once it's created if you use that method.
  10. Had same issue using any portable usb drives i.e. western digital passport Ended up just using traditional USB sticks
  11. Just change the package and Program name to what you require.
  12. The OSDResults is still in the TS, toward the bottom. Are you using MDT 2013? Make sure it's inserted before the final restart pc step, as it sets a registry setting to allow it to come up on reboot.
  13. Does the sequence go through the stage "Apply Operating System" after downloading the image? If so, is the client machine booting from the right drive? Couple of things to check: When formatting drive in OSD TS - is it being set as the Boot drive? What disk is the image applying to? c: d: e: etc What is the boot order of the client machine? Would be useful to see the smsts.log up to this point
  14. Apexes


    Thought i'd say hello as i've been looking at many a post on here for a while and decided i register I'm Jack - I've worked as an SCCM admin for the last 4 years, and am currently in a project of migrating a large financial services provider from WinXP across to Windows 7 - so I'm currenty building and implementing SCCM 2012 R2 at present and designing base images for the firm. Very lucky that i get to travel to 17 countries this year and oversee the installation process and migration of clients Here to pick up on new tips and tricks, and also help out others if i can!
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