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  1. Not completely sure what actually did the trick. We checked all the virtual-directories and confirmed both internal and external was set correctly. The auth was also changed to NTLM for OutlookAnywhere (Get-OutlookAnywhere); and we restarted IIS. We still have a bug where it seems to reset the internal URL every now and then, but an IIS reset will fix it. It is still not known why.
  2. Battling Exh2k10 to Exch2k16 migration

  3. Have you checked using nslookup defining each server as a test? Look up new domains so they wont get cached. What are the response times and answers?
  4. Hello everyone! I've setup a co-exist environment with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2016. At the moment mail-flow seems to work with no problems what so ever, and I have migrated two test-users from 2010 to 2016. SMTP traffic and HTTPS is proxied from the new Exchange 2016 installation - and works fine for the 2010 users behind. My problem is that when the users are migrated, outlook 2016 is having issues connecting to the new server. When I open outlook, it still uses RPC/HTTP towards the old server. If I delete the old profile, and re-create it using autodiscover, it works fine. I then see MAPI traffic and it hits the new server as expected. This would cause a problem if I manually have to re-create profiles for all the users in our company.. Does anyone have any pointers?
  5. Yeah - it looks a bit easier after SP3 was released. The post was made just before I believe!
  6. Just what I was looking for! Thank-you for the great alternatives! Any othe creative solutions out there?
  7. I was wondering if it's possible to use SCCM 2012 in a multidomain environment? We have several domains each in their own forests but with the possibility of network connectivity. Would it be sufficient to set serveral Active-Directory Forests, with their own set of credentials + their own Boundaries and Boundary Groups? How is this done best-practice-wise? The idea is to use SCCM2012 as a tool for keeping servers up to date via WSUS. Would that be doable? Are there issues we could run in to by using this? What would one have to do in the domain beeing added? (Which doesn't contain the sccm2012 server(s)) Edit: What requirements are there when it comes to trusts when doing this? In my lab I'm now running a one-way trust, allowing the SCCM2012 server full access to the "System" container in forest number 2. Would this be correct?
  8. Have you read any of the guides already available on this site? They describe in detail how to deploy packages. When it comes to connecting to the site - that is pretty important
  9. Hi! I'm trying to figure out alternatives for domain-users to change/reset their password themselves. I know there are tools that run as a webservice, I know OWA can be used - but are there anything else, or are those the options? Due to cost, it's hard to justify spending that much money on a solution - but if anyone can reccomend anything, or got other solutions it would be great! Does any of the System Center 2012 parts allow for such a thing?
  10. Hi, How supported is Exchange 2010 on Server 2012? Have anyone tried this combination - and taken a few notes on the tricky parts? Is the install and configure straight forward?
  11. I've followed his guides and they definitly make it as simple as it can be! Good luck on your project!
  12. I've got to second this. Sounds like one (or more?) packages isn't all good after-all, and need a runthrough standalone first. It's quite a bit of work to test packages individually, but the total of it is well worth it Confirming each package saves you alot of time in the end!
  13. I'm looking at the exact same problem as you! If there's anyone out there - with any pointers on what to check, assistance is more than welcome
  14. Hi there! So this is the case: I have an "old" SCCM2007+FEP server. This server is taking its last breaths and I wish to migrate it over to a new virtual host. How/What is the best practice on how to do this? Is there any way to just install the clean server from scratch - then migrate all settings over? Any pointers on this subject is more than welcome!
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