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  1. Thanks Peter van der Woude This is right what I was looking for and almost just a month after you posted that. A question. I am trying to figure out to have the container to recuse down. Or here is my scenario. Format he root of Device collections I have a folder called "Addon Apps" Below that I have Vendors of software. Like "Adobe", "Microsoft", "Autodesk", ect.... This way it is organized the same way as how i store the install files on my file server. With the command '$ContainerNodeId = (Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $SiteServer -Class SMS_ObjectContainerNode -Namespace root/S
  2. We have some Ergatroncis carts with laptops in them. They have managed cisco switches. Does anyone have information on how to setup and troubleshoot wake on lan with SCCM 2012 R2? Some of my machines have AMT but some does not. What information does it need to perform this and where does it get it from. Is this based from he hardware inventory? I know it needs mac address and ip. Is there a way to manually run the command that it sends out to trouble shoot? network setup. Yes my client computers are on a different vlan and network. Network is all cisco. Clients are Dell and HP de
  3. Does anyone know how to kick off all the Software App Installs after a OSD TS is run? Here is the scenario 1. The machine is apart of say 3 different collections and software is deployed to the collections as required. 2. The machine gets added to a 4th collection to image (from ts). 3. Machine is imaged with OS and base software 4. Right after I want the software assigned by those 3 collections to start installing with no interaction. Why. Because i have 1000 laptops in different carts that have different apps and want all the assigned apps to be installed before they get put bac
  4. There might be a way but for our setup we have an HTA that runs. I have at the top there username and password to proceed. That might be a way to do it. I us OSD not MDT. There might be a different way to do it with MDT. An HTA can give the the extra options as well. Like witch image, What software, or what collections to put them in. I take the machines out of the imaging collection daily. Plus you can put logging to see what people are doing. So when you have people that reimage the entire Business office then you know who did it and when. But also to know when was the last time the mac
  5. Looked at some of them. It does not give me the machine status or that it is running.
  6. Is there any way from the console, report, or SQL to tell if a machine is running a current imaging task sequence. We have a few other techs and multiple buildings. I would like to know if there is a way to check to see if a machine is imaging. I have a collection for the image but i clear out the collection at 4am every morning.
  7. Can someone help help me get pointed in the right direction. I have SCCM 2012 R2 and would like to set up wake on lan. I am having problems finding information about this. I keep finding the 2007 information. Some of my machines have AMT and that is the other part of it. I have not been able to get that fully set up. I get the AMT status to say Detected and Not Supported. ( I would like to know why it is not supported.) I have versions of 8.1.31 that are detected and have version 8.1.20 and 8.1.40 that are not supported. My network setup has multiple subnets. I am trying to get a DP in ea
  8. Has anyone tried deploying skydrive? Not the skydrive pro for sharepoint in office but skydrive? I am trying to get SCCM 2012 R2 to deploy the application. I am running into a lot of issues with finding skydrive pro not skydrive installs.
  9. Is there a way to change the color on the Software Center window? I know how to change the color of the Application Catalog. The Software Center to me stays blue. Is there a file option or registry key to change the color?
  10. Not per say... Are that check can be added. It is loading the AD powershell module a you would just need to add another check to say if status disabled then remove from sccm. Now I am not sure maybe someone else or you already know the answer to this. The AD discovery, I would think that it would pull the account back into SCCM. I am not sure if there is a check on status on that.
  11. I have run across this. It has worked for me. http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Cleanup-in-AD-deleted-b80e452d
  12. How do i add Dot Net 3.5 Framework to a win 8 wim or in a task sequence how do i do that during deployment? Also for adding this I know that somehow I have to install KB2771431 but can't find a way to slipstream or apply that to the image. I have also tried but was not successful in installing that update for the Dot Net 3.5 to install before in a TS.
  13. binarymime, Did the support agent come back with anything. It has been a month.
  14. Are you trying to use windows 7 boot wims. If so that will not work. It is windows 8 boot wims only. The boot wim files are located "?\Microsoft Configuration Manager\OSD\boot\" The ? is there you had told SCCM to install at.
  15. Did you find anything out or can you shed some more light on the subject?
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