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Found 5 results

  1. Trying to connect Config Manager CAS Console to its SQL database and getting error (Screenshot 1). Also SMS_EXECUTIVE and other SMS Services could not Start (Screenshot 2). Getting one of the event error as - License Activation (slui.exe) failed with the following error code: hr=0x800705B4 I can connect to other Primary Site database from CAS Console. Domain Admins and Local Administrator have all the rights in DCOM permissions. I checked the forum and tried with other options but it didn't helped. Any suggestions please? SCCM Error 1.txt SCCM Error 2.txt SCCM Error 3.txt
  2. Hello everyone! I apologize in advance for my English. SCCM 2012 R2 CU3 primary site and 5 secondary. SQL Server 2012 R2 SP1 CU9 Autogrowth By 512 MB to Unlimited The total number of 13,000 Clients (Srv and Wks) and 17000 (Users and groups). DB last 3 weeks increased from 90 GB to 190 GB, the rapid growth in the day to 5GB. I reduced the storage of data in the "Site Maintenance" in order to stop the growth. Has not changed. What could be the reason and how to find it?
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else has experienced memory leaks in Windows Server 2012 with related products SCCM 2012 or SQL 2012 installed? We have two Windows Server 2012 installs, one is our PDC which chugs along fine, the other is my SCCM server. This server constantly locks up every few days, but now it peaking (read: leaking) more frequently which is making it painful to use! I've attached a screenshot of Task Manager just after doing a reboot. It just doesn't add up (literally). I have done the following; WS is running the latest updates SQL is running SP1 with CU4 and has its memory capped at 8gb SCCM is running SP1 with CU2 I've come across a couple MS articles pointing to memory leak with the Server Manager console but my server already has the patch applied which addresses that issue. Some of the CUs for SQL and SCCM were also meant to address potential memory leak issues but I haven't noticed any improvement. Anyway, before I hassle MS I was just curious to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar and/or has any good tips for isolating the cause. Cheers!
  4. Hello windows-noob! I'm seeking some community support for an error I can't seem to solve to install SCCM. "Site Server computer account administrative rights" Failed. "Configuration Manager Setup requires that the site server computer has administrative rights on the SQL Server and management point computers" I have SQL installed on a seperate computer than I am installing SCCM. I have added the SCCM domain computer's account to the local windows administrator group on the SQL Server. SQL is running as a windows domain user. The SCCM Computer account has sysadmin rights on the SQL Server. (I thought maybe this was the problem). As part of my troubleshooting I changed the SID and the name of the SCCM computer, (and did all of the related stuff), verified group memberships, and still get the same result. This is also a new install of SQL, and both of the firewall ports have been opened on that machine. I suppose I should mention that this is also a format/reinstall of the SCCM server. Last deployment wasn't working correctly and we wanted to move the SQL Database off the local machine and give it a dedicated server. any ideas or advice is appreciated.
  5. Ok, so now that SP1 is out I've wanted to give it a few days and let others do some of the heavy lifting before I jump in Upgrading CM2012 to SP1 seems fairly straightforward enough, but I had some other questions: What about upgrading to SQL 2012? We're currently on 2008 R2, and as long as I'm updating software, then I figured I should at least consider this. Is there anything I need to know before upgrading my SQL version? What about CM client updates? We only have a primary server in our environment, and I noted that the option to automatically upgrade clients under the site hierarchy settings was greyed out...I assume this is because we only have a primary site and no CAS. So how are people handling their client updates? Incidentally, our WSUS is controlled by a third-party up-stream server, and I can't manage those settings. I'm also looking at bumping up the OS to Server 2012 at this time as well...like the title says, there are a lot of updates about to take place. Any input is appreciated!
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