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Configuring BitLocker in Intune - Part 2. Automating Encryption

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Hi Bob, 

I have two questions and I would be most appreciative if you could answer them.


1.) Do you have to have Windows Enterprise to manage bit locker within Microsoft Intune? Or can still manage devices with Windows Pro?

2.) If you do not want to make users administrators, but require them to accept the prompt to start encryption will your script automate this process  


Thanks for you help 

Yours Faithfully 

Layla Nicole 

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Hi Layla, I think your questions are for Niall, the script has been developed by Niall, however in answer to your questions:

1. I believe you can manage Pro as well.

2. Niall's script will automate the bitlocker encryption and write recovery keys to AAD and OneDrive., It does not use the prompt that you refer to. Niall is still developing his script, you can get the original (for standard user) from the Windows Noob link on page 1.


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I tried to run two task schedulers run as administrator under end-user account (non-local admin) and I have checked TriggerBitLocker.log and getting Access Dined.

I am trying achieve automatic BitLocker Encryption through Intune Policy without prompting admin credentials.   

Am I doing it correctly? 

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On 11/6/2017 at 7:41 PM, anyweb said:

well in my version it logs that it's deleting the scheduled task, when did you download the msi, perhaps you should retry the download

Hi Niall, 

Thanks for the wonderful article. I am having the same trouble as well, scheduled task just won't delete after encryption. i have downloaded the latest msi. device is Azure AD joined. any suggestions?



Bitlocker log.txt

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