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First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today - Windows 10 version 1511

12 Nov 2015

Posted by anyweb in Windows News

If you logon to MSDN or the Microsoft Volume License websites (not availble there yet, is due November 16th according to this post on Technet) you'll see some new downloads available for Windows 10, namely:

These downloads are for the Threshold 2 release of Windows 10, now called Version 1511 (using the following convention YY//MM). Full details about what these new releases contain are listed in the blog post from Terry Myerson here.


You'll notice that the LTSB media isn't updated, and that's what you'd expect for the Long Term Servicing Branch.


Note: You may need to install this update on your WSUS or SUP infrastructure to see the upgrade category. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3095113


Corporate domain joined pc's can be Current Branch or Current Branch for Business depending on how you want them to 'update' and how often, see this post for details https://technet.micr...6(v=vs.85).aspx


If you have defer upgrades selected in Windows update advanced options, then your pc's are using CBB (current branch for business) with an approx 4 month gap after today's release in terms of needing to upgrade.


Defer receiving feature upgrades for a period of approximately four months after Microsoft makes them available publicly, to provide IT administrators with time to perform pre-deployment testing and provide feature upgrades releases with additional time-in-market to mature. For more information, see Deferred feature upgrade installation with Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing.




If you attempt to update Windows Home, Pro or Enterprise via Windows Update today you'll see the update as long as you are on Current Branch (CB)


updating to 1511.png


Can I deploy this via ConfigMgr ?


This update with the new classification “Upgrade” can be sync’d down from WSUS after the hotfix is applied (linked above) if the Upgrade classification is checked explicitly. However, only ConfigMgr vNext clients can complete the end to end installation successfully since this Windows 10 Upgrade is in a different format and requires special handling on the client side.  Without ConfigMgr vNext, the install will fail.

Using an OSD Upgrade Task Sequence is still the recommended way to upgrade to Windows 10 via the current versions of ConfigMgr (excluding ConfigMgr vNext) as these versions actually do not support Windows 10 upgrade via Software Update Management.




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New Windows 10 Threshold 2 build released - build 10586

05 Nov 2015

Posted by anyweb in Windows News

here's a list of known issues that can impact users:

  • After upgrading from one Windows 10 Insider Preview build to another Insider Preview build, Skype messages and contacts will disappear from the Messaging + Skype app. You can get Skype messages and contacts back by navigating to “C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Messaging_
    8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache” in File Explorer and deleting or renaming the “PrivateTransportId” file. After deleting or renaming that file, go to the Skype video app and sign out of Skype and sign back in.
  • The Insider Hub might be gone after upgrading to this build. You can get Insider Hub back by going to Settings > System > Apps & features and clicking “Mange optional features”, choosing “Add a feature” and selecting Insider Hub.

Fixed in this release:

  • The issue where any audio playing (like music from Groove, or videos from the Movies & TV app) gets reduced by 75% for a period of time after a notification pops up from Action Center is fixed.
  • Pressing the power button on your Surface Pro 3 should put your Surface Pro 3 to sleep instead of shutting it down.
  • We fixed an issue reported by Windows Insiders where a disksnapshot.exe command prompt window would flash randomly.
  • Windows should now remember your previous login type. For example, if you log in with a PIN – it will prompt you for a PIN next time instead of another type.
  • We fixed an issue where Tab previews in Microsoft Edge were appearing as black if the page was not scrolled to the top, and web note clippings were also appearing as black.
  • Small form-factor devices, like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, that boot with rotation or virtual mode screen size set larger than the physical screen size should no longer experience a bluescreen on upgrade.
  • Apps and games should download from the Store more reliably.

here's the blog



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Windows 10 Threshold 2 (build 10576) is now available to Windows Insiders

31 Oct 2015

Posted by anyweb in Windows News

if you noticed the internet getting slowed down yesterday ;-) it might be due to the fact that you are a Windows Insider and that your computer is downloading the latest Threshold build (called Threshold 2, this build is likely to be at or near the build level for TH2 released as CB sometime in November).




Here are some things we have fixed:

  • We fixed the issue where the Xbox app for Windows 10 would consume gigabytes of memory on your PC if you have any Win32 games (non -Windows Store games) installed on your PC that have been identified as games or added by you in the Xbox app.
  • We introduced an early preview of nested virtualization so that people could run Hyper-V Containers in Hyper-V virtual machines with Build 10565. This build includes performance improvements.
  • We’ve been addressing a lot of feedback around localization text UI in various languages and you’ll see a lot of that work in this build.
  • The search box should now work in this build if you are in a locale where Cortana is not available.

Known issues:

  • To continue receiving missed call notifications and send texts from Cortana, you will need to be on this build and higher. We’ve made a change that improves this experience that requires newer builds.
  • When notifications pop up from Action Center, any audio playing (like music from Groove, or videos from the Movies & TV app) gets reduced by 75% for a period of time.
  • After upgrading to this build, all your Skype messages and contacts are gone in the Messaging app. The workaround for this is to navigate to this folder in File Explorer:
    • C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Packages\
    • Delete or rename the “PrivateTransportId” file.
    • Then restart the Messaging app.
  • Small form-factor devices, like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, that boot with rotation or virtual mode screen size set larger than the physical screen size will experience a bluescreen on upgrade and will roll back to the previous build.
  • After upgrading to this build, the power button on your Surface Pro 3 may no longer put your Surface Pro 3 to sleep and instead shut down.
  • WebM and VP9 have been temporarily removed from builds. We continue to develop a VP9 implementation that we intend to ship in Windows. Expect VP9 to return soon in a future build.

We hope you get a chance to try out these new features and let us know what you think. As always, send us problem reports and suggestions using the Windows Feedback app.


for details about what's new see the official blog post from Microsoft here




this is a significant release as it's the first threshold release since.... Windows 10 was released (build 10240 was threshold 1).

this is also the last release of Windows 10 to be supported via Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 in terms of installation/upgrade


cheers !


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Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565

13 Oct 2015

Posted by anyweb in Windows News
Here’s what’s new in this build:

Skype messaging, calling and video experience: As we’ve announced previously, Skype messaging, calling and video capabilities will come integrated into Windows 10 through the Messaging, Phone and Skype video universal Windows apps. These Windows applications enable quick and easy, free calling and messaging to other Skype users across phones, over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi tablets and to PCs Wi-Fi. With this build, you can preview the integrated capabilities on your PC while an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build will have these integrated capabilities for you to preview soon on mobile devices. Try things like Quick Reply from Action Center where incoming notifications will come in with the option to reply inline without opening the application. This is an early preview and you can expect some bugs, and more features to come as we deliver monthly updates.


Tab Preview in Microsoft Edge: In Microsoft Edge, you can now hover over your open tabs and get a preview of what’s on those websites. Check it out and let us know what you think.




Syncing Favorites and Reading list items in Microsoft Edge: In this build, you’ll see a first look at the new syncing feature in Microsoft Edge that lets you sync your Favorites and Reading list items. We are still working on refining it, but definitely check it out and let us know what you think.

Cortana improvements: Cortana is able to intelligently understand your inked notes – setting reminders based on locations, times and numbers that she can understand from your digital annotations.


read the rest > http://blogs.windows...ew-build-10565/

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Live Stream for the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event Today

06 Oct 2015

Posted by anyweb in Windows News

Microsoft's Live Stream of the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event will be available  at the following location.


Windows 10 devices.png


this event will most likely be used to unveil a whole bunch of exciting new hardware like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4


The starting times are listed below, stay tuned !


San Francisco: 7:00AM / New York: 10:00AM / London: 3:00PM / Berlin 4:00PM / Moscow: 6:00PM / Beijing: 10:00PM  / Tokyo: 11:00PM  / Sydney 12:00AM (October 7th)


Some photos of the live event are shown below:


Microsoft To Ship HoloLens Development Kits For $3000 In First Quarter Of 2016




Introducing the Band 2




and the Lumia 950


Lumia 950.png


and finally.......... 12.3 inches in diagonal, 1TB storage, 16GB RAM, wow, the Surface Pro 4






oh and then there's the Surface Book !




You can review the video again by clicking on the link above or read the blog below




and you can pre-order the devices from the Microsoft Store here



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