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  1. Hi, Why does my application catalog website always prompt for a user name and password when I try to get connected? Does anybody else has the same situation there? I've already add the website into trusted site in client policy. Thanks
  2. There is a bug in PXE for SCCM2012RC1. Once you reboot the server or firsr time you enable the PXE, the Windows Deployment Service will hang at "starting" status, you can check that in your services.msc. And the solution is: 1, Disable the PXE, and wait until the WDS status become "started", if it still hung at "starting" for a long time, you need to reboot your SCCM server, and please make sure the WDS service is "started" before you take the step 2. 2, Enable PXE again, and wait again, it takes some time(5 mins for my lab environment), then check the WDS status, sometimes it will automatic
  3. I was confirmed with MS via emails that this function is only available when you deploy the applications on "users collections" and only works for applications, that means you can't use it when you deploy packages even you deploy it to the "user collection".
  4. I got some information from a man who working in MS, he just told me that MS plans to release it in the 1st half year, so I have to assume the release data is 30Jun2012......
  5. Hi, Dose anybody know that is that possible for me to deploy applications for those non-domain joined machines with OSD Task Sequence? Should I do some special configurations on SCCM2012 server? Because it always failed when the task sequence run the install application step if I didn't add the machine into domain at "Apply Network Settings" step. The funny thing is although I can't install the applications, I can successfully install the packages during the task sequences for those non-domain machines....
  6. Update some situation: When I logon with domain/administrator , it works fine, I can see the software in the webpage, can request it, can install it. But none of other account can work even the account belongs to the domain admins group. Could anybody help me on that? really get stucked at this case....
  7. Hi Guys, I've got a very strange issue on Software / application deployment in SCCM 2012: I can successfully to distribute and deploy applications/packages to the system collection, and it works, any computer that belongs to the collection will install the software. I also successfully to distribute and deploy the applications/packages to the user collection, there is no any error reported. But the user who belongs to that collection will not install the software whatever is an application or a package. I know when the software deployed to the user collection, user will not able to see thos
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