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  1. CM07 is NOT the going to help you with this. The only way you are going to get that data is from AD. OM07/ OM12 would be better suited for this or a standard DSQuery.
  2. There is your first problem. You are run PoSH script. :-) The answer is: you are comparing apples and oranges. This PoSH script is query the CI for SU, the WQL query is comparing the CI for DCM.
  3. Why do you say the query is not working? It looks fine to me..
  4. Actually you could not add IP address to a collection in CM07. You could add IP address to either a query or a report in CM07, however I almost always recommend not adding IP addresses. You still can't add IP adress in CM12 either.
  5. I hate to say it but for urgent issues like this, you should call CSS for support. They are the best ones to help you in a timely fashion.
  6. I’m sure that you can wmic but I use Wbemtest instead, particularly since it will allow me to connect to remote PCs.
  7. V_GS_Add_Remove_Programs will only give you 32bit PCs, use v_Add_Remove_Programs, instead it will give you both x64 and x86.
  8. try this http://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2012/10/18/pc-by-gateway.aspx
  9. GarthMJ

    SMS reports

    It looks like each fo those KB have been supereed. So there is no way to report on these details.
  10. The last 4 itmes on this link plus the wiki note will solve this for you. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/library/bb680896.aspx
  11. oooppps, Wrrong post. This one should get you started.. http://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2008/08/14/add-date-filter-to-advert-status.aspx
  12. Try this. http://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2012/10/18/software-by-ou.aspx
  13. try this http://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2012/10/18/software-by-ou.aspx
  14. This built-in report in CM07 or CM12 will give you these details.
  15. FYI This report should give you just about everything that you need. http://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2008/02/04/basic-all-in-one.aspx
  16. No, That WQL view does not exist within CM12. Try Configuration Item Compliance State instead.
  17. I would recommend against adding MAC address (or IP address) to any report, as this will duplicate lines within the report and add (IMO) no value to the report. Why do you need the MAC address?
  18. Sure this can be done, http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4804-bios-password-report/
  19. it is not possible to do this..
  20. Why not use the built-in feature within SSRS to do this? aka why re-invent the wheel?
  21. The simple anwser is remove IP address from the report. I almost never use IP address within any or my reports because of this issue.
  22. Is this CM07, CM12 or SMS2k3? Are you talking about SSRS or ASP report?
  23. I’m not sure that I’m following you. All you need to do is create the SQL query and then you can create the report either SSRS or ASP.
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