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  1. I had the same exact problem with my Dell latitude E6430, it kept restarting the computer at the TS (right before the Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard where you put your password). What I did to fix the problem was a) Go to dell driver website put my asset tag# c) download the network NIC driver d) in SCCM SOftware library=> Drivers=> Import drivers then i added the NIC driver to the boot x64 e) after that i ran the TS again and it worked. Turns out to be the problem with Dell Latitude E6400 Series.
  2. Anyone has step by step instructions for SCCM 2012? because mines kept failing and cannot build and capture the Windows XP.
  3. I have a NAS in our domain, any computer that is connected to the network can access the share folders. My question is can I have this NAS to be the distribution point for SCCM 2012? Thanks.
  4. Someone please help! After I intalled the reporting roll, why I cannot create report in the Config Manager console? I did the following and got the error. 1. Run Config Manager Console => Monitoring => Reporting => Reports ... Right clicked on report and selected "Create Report" and got this error """"The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.""" How can i resolve this issue? Thanks for any reply.
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