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  1. Did you actually set their rights up inside the ConfigMan console or just on the server?
  2. If the permissions are not correct and you do not have the rights to create task sequence media you will not see the dp's
  3. you just add another MW to the collection just like you did the first one. There is no special trick.
  4. Doing back ups and then restores on the new server is the easiest way to go about things. You are just creating more work for yourself trying to build another site side by side
  5. if you have orchestrator just do it with a quick runbook
  6. Nope your right nothing has changed still not supported. Back up / Restore is still the way to do it.
  7. You can easily do that with a run book. Pretty much anything that you are manually doing in active direcrtory you can automate with orchestrator.
  8. you can launch the Remote Control Viewer from start menu and then choose option from pull down menu to Connect using once of the following; NetBIOS, FQDN, IP address.
  9. The step of the task sequence where you are installing the SCCM client are you providing the site code or atleast setting to to auto?
  10. Here is a post i put up about applying the business hours with a power shell command. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8413-sccm-2012-business-hours/
  11. In the setting for your SCCM client did you check the box to install silverlight? Many admins to not check that box because they do not want the security vulnerabilities that come along with installing silverlight. However it is needed for the App Catalog.
  12. This is by far one of the best ways I have seen to troubleshoot a TS instead of sitting and waiting for the part where you think the issue is and looking through logs waiting for the error.
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