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  1. Hello, Apparently the link on myitforum.com is gone... http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2014/03/29/configmgr-inventory-per-user-network-printer-mapped-information-datashift-replacement/ Any other way to get the user network printer? Thanks, Dom
  2. Hello, I checked the view v_GS_NETWORK_LOGIN_PROFILE and it is empty!!! Any setting to enable to get this information? Thanks, Dom
  3. Hello, I am looking for the Patching with Maintenance Windows.... I did Part 9 and 10 already... I could not find the Maintenance Window Part... any idea? Thanks, Dom
  4. Hello, Thanks for this excellent topic. Questions do you separate: 1) Windows Server 2008 (Microsoft Windows NT Server 6.0) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (Microsoft Windows NT Server 6.1) Windows Server 2012 (Microsoft Windows NT Server 6.2) and Windows Server 2012 R2 (Microsoft Windows NT Server 6.3) as they have different Version name in SMS_R_System.OperatingSystemNameandVersion? 2) as within the script I could not differentiate between: - ISS - Software Updates - Windows Server 2003 Maintenance Windows (Friday ) ISS - Software Updates - Windows Server 2
  5. Hello, Excellent document.. I am using the wizard Where do I specified the SQL instance? I don't use MSSQLSERVER but Severname\ConfigMgr ... I cannot figure out where to enter this and it fails by not finding the instance... Thanks, DOm
  6. Hello, By doing MS - Date Released within 1 month - Date Revised within one Month - Expired No - Superseded No ==> 16 which seems low as the email from WSUS is 36 (37 counted) patches so I changed to MS - - Date Revised within one Month - Expired No - Superseded No ==> 31 - Date Revised within one Month - Expired No - Superseded No ==> 114 So this shows that there seems to be a gap within these variances of criterai and not really sure which one is the best way to go as
  7. Hello, After setting this up it seems the Task: "Backup Configmgr Site Server" does not start by itself. Site Status > Component Status > SMS_SITE_BACKUP is in Manual Statup Type The SMS_SITE_BACKUP service is not running and it is set to "Manual" Should it be automatically changed to Scheduled and the service Started or should it be done manually? Thanks, DOm
  8. Hello, What is the best practive when creating Task Sequence for 32-bits and 64-bits Platform? (the . Two Task Sequence . One Task Sequence, using the for each item within the Task Sequence, the Options Tab > Add Condition > Operating System Version and select at this level the platform 32-bits or 64-bits It is a deployment through basic task sequences a custom task sequence in native OSD, do I need MDT to proceed? Thanks, Dom
  9. Thanks Any I might add this comment at the beginning of the document.
  10. Hello, I have created a package to install Forefront Security. I created a package with the following command line: "CLIENTSETUP.EXE CG ForefrontClientSecurity /MS voforefrontcs1" "The program for advertisement "TST2001A" failed )"TST00006" - "XXXX - FCS Client Security"). A failure exit code 1623 was returned. User context: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Possible cause: System Management Server (SMS) determines status for each program it executes. If SMS cannot find or correlate any installation status Management Information Format (MIF) files for the program, it uses the program's exit code
  11. Let me create a package but which option(s) in the TS? Run Command Line? Install Software ? ... but why it could not find the cmd file as it is there and available... under \\Server Name\C$\Source Files\Microsoft\Tools... Should I get logs somewhere either option(s) I took? I tried the oackage it says sucessfull in the execmgr.log but nothing happened... I advertised the package to the same collection as the TS the two ads are displayed the TS failing (see attachment) and the Distribution Package succeeding but nothing happened on the machine itself... it seems it just downloaded the
  12. Hi Any, Later it will be three tasks but for now I am trying to make the first one working.(Remove Sophos by Script, Reboot, Install Forefront). - No boot image now. For now I am working on the removal of SOPHOS: One task only and it is failing with 0x80070002 which seems directed to a folder or process not found. If I run the script Sophos_uninstall.cmd manually it works. I created the TS by adding "Run Command Line" Sophos_uninstall.cmd then advertise it to one machine. I have only the command line in th TS no Package... Why is it failing with "process, folder ... not found a
  13. Hello, I have created a task sequence (TST00007) with three steps: - Remove SOPHOS antivirus (TST00005) - Reboot x 86 (TST00001) - Install Forefront Security (TST00006) I have run the three steps manually they work fine. the execmgr.log is gving: The created request is a Task Sequence request execmgr 1/22/2010 11:36:21 AM 4212 (0x1074) Requesting content from CAS for package TST00001 version 2 execmgr 1/22/2010 11:36:21 AM 4212 (0x1074) Successfully created a content request handle {1855CF9E-298A-47BF-9613-2BF1A34BE64D} for the package TST00001 version 2 execmgr 1/22/2010
  14. Surely from Sherry as for SCCM between her and Garth I was able to solve 105% of my issues This is the content of the MOF files I used: CONFIGURATION.MOF then: SMS_DEF.MOF Troubleshooting links: http://www.myitforum.com/articles/8/view.asp?id=11236 To have more information for inventory: http://www.myitforum.com/myITWiki/SCCMINV.ashx The tool from Mark Cochrane is excellent to create these MOF files by copy/paste http://www.myitforum.com/inc/upload/12336RegKeyToMOF.zip Thanks, Dom
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