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  1. Hello The dist point is updated, boundaries defined and the network account, the required package is also available locally where it should be 🤔 the package name in the following p.s. is different because I tried with a new one but the problem is the same like you see :
  2. Good morning all, Can you please help solving the following problem: In a lab I'm testing the last Sccm CB server, following your procedures, during an OSD TS to install the last W10 version the sccm client agent wont install, in the ccmsetup.log i see: Downloading C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\P0100028\i386\vcredist_x86.exe to C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\vcredist_x86.exe ccmsetup 29-10-20 10:56:54 1112 (0x0458) Failed to access source file (2). Waiting for retry... ccmsetup 29-10-20 10:56:54 1112 (0x0458) 🙄
  3. Thanks you, So that means i cant test the upgrade process without a license 😞 Have a nice day.
  4. Hi, thank you very much for the information, i got crazy trying finding out this info, did you found the info over internet? thanks again for your work.
  5. Yes, both are x64, i also disabled the gpo no way, also tried to manually install window 1803 and then manually upgrade to 1903 no way, 1903: image file 18363.418.191007-0143.19h2_release_svc_refresh_CLIENTENTERPRISEEVAL_OEMRET_x64FRE_en-us.iso 1803: image file 17134.1.180410-1804.rs4_release_CLIENTENTERPRISEEVAL_OEMRET_x64FRE_en-us.iso
  6. Ye they are, en-us. fyi, i have a gpo which denied access to ms update site!
  7. Hi i confirm same problem with kms key. In the logs there are any problems about product key...
  8. Hi, I also tried to use the kms key as indicated on microsoft site kms site, NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43, but of course i don't have the kms server, does it possible to install a kms with an evaluation keys? it has no sense 🙄 if i manually run setup.exe from the iso i can only full erase windows, no way to upgrade.
  9. Hi all, First of all thank you for all your good job done in this site! May you please help with the following problem: In a virtual lab (Working with evaluation licenses) I'm trying to upgrade w10 1803 to 1903 with Sccm 1902 using the upgrade TS, I'm using the w10 enterprise evaluation, In the setuperr.log i see the known error "MOUPG MigChoice: Selected install choice is not available. 0xC1900204" which means wrong SKU, but i'm sure that both versions are w10 ENT Eval but i'm still receiving the message same error 0xC1900204 ? If needed you can find a zip file with error logs. Thanks in advance. Salento. W10CLT1803-01.zip
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