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  1. Hi there When mapping drives should this box be ticked? Run in logged-on user's security context? thanks
  2. Hi all Using this script https://gist.github.com/gvlx/b4d4c5681900ca965276fc5c16fe8520 Sometimes it hangs during the OSD, anyone got a fix for it? Read online its a common issue but cant really find a fix for it. Thanks
  3. Hi all Just wondering best way to automate this. 4000 clients w7/w10 3500 on semi annual channel, can i automate this updates using ADR's and split them up into stages? So day 1 after a build update, 500 machines targeting a device collection day 3 500 machines targeting a device collection day 5 500 machines targeting a device collection day 7 500 machines targeting a device collection etc Thanks in advance
  4. Hi thereThe osd ts is set to available but it takes around 10 minutes for the osd ts options to appear? Just wondering why this would be? Thanks
  5. Dup post if mods can remove.
  6. Do you need the msr and recovery partitions? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply, was hoping it would work like that, wasn’t sure if you had to add a wmi query in. What partitions do you need in the uefi TS? And what ones are set as boot drive with no drive letter. recovery - 400mb (no drive letter and not boot drive) efi - 350mb (no drive letter and boot drive) msr - 16mb (no drive letter and not boot drive) primary os - 100% remaining. (Drive letter assigned and no boot drive) is he above correct? For Windows 10. thanks
  8. Hi all have couple of devices on legency bios and some on uefi. On the task sequence how does it pick what one to use for the required model. thanks
  9. Will do, will test it when back in the office and feed back any problems. Thanks
  10. Hi allThere’s not much good accurate online documents that confirm the pxe ports needed they appear to miss some.I’ve opened the standard ports it mentions online but pxe still isn’t working and I suspect it’s ports getting blocked.“The daemon listens on port 69 but responds on a randomly chosen high port.”Does anybody know what this port range is? As I can’t open up all ports due to security and need a range. Is there any online docs regarding this range?Thanks in advance. Mel
  11. Adminstudio. You pay for it but x10 better than freeware ones out there.
  12. Hi all ive deployed an app to 500 machines and I’ve to add another 1000 to the same device collection. i need to update a config file now but don’t want it to affect the 500 machines already done, if I ‘update content’ after changing the 1 file in the source code will it only affect new installs? Worried incase it try’s to reinstall the first 500. Thanks
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