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  1. Emilie, does this happen even though you specify a custom location for the download? The download of drivers are not meant to happen to the CM cache for the same reason. Also, did you follow this guide? https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-precaching-drivers-before-in-place-upgrades-with-configmgr-task-sequences/ Niall was kind enough to make me aware of this thread. I believe we had a conversation going on elsewhere. Was it Twitter?
  2. Sounds like that the users enrolling the devices not showing up in the SCCM console, are missing membership of the collection of users allowed to enroll devices into Intune Hybrid. (possibly at the time of enrollment) As of such, those devices enroll into Intune standalone. (that's actually a part of the progress of migrating from Intune hybrid to Intune standalone, to exclude the users from the collection in SCCM)
  3. Yeah, you just right click the container and select delegate permissions. Select the computer object of the site server, full permission. Boom. (a good practice is to actually delegate permission to a group containing the computer object, this way you can swap objects in/out of the group, without the need of touching the permission on the system management container)
  4. This looks like SCCM 1710. Stuck in what process of the update? Download, installation? And stuck how? "Update package will not install as it is marked for prereq check only" You ran a pre-requisites check all seems to pass. What does C:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log say? Have you tried to restarting the SMS_Executive component?
  5. Great advice: create a checkpoint prior to starting the capture sequence. Anyhow, sounds like you never successfully captured anything and was left with a partial .wim. That's useless and I wouldn't even try to save the current state of the VM for your own sake. Start over, do a checkpoint prior to capturing. What changes are you making to Windows prior capturing? (curious if it's something you do, that breaks it and if it's even necessary to do a custom .wim)
  6. If you are installing from local source files, then you shouldn't specify /mp -- /mp does _not_ set the MP for the client agent to use. To set the MP for the client to use, you need to specify the SMSMP property. How do you install the client?
  7. Hello, First off, SCCM 1606 is no longer supported. Secondly we will need some more information to properlyhelp you. Are the updates being delivered using the builtin Office 365 Client Management feature in SCCM? Where in the process do the updates fail? During the download or installation? The old channel names still work and is not the cause of your issues. As said, it's essential that you provide some more details. There are relevant logs to investigate based on where in the process you are and how you are deploying the updates.
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