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  1. Hello so I did more troubleshooting and if I put my 1903 build from MDT server in my development sccm task sequence it fails with the specialize part of the unattend but if I put it in the Pilot sccm task sequence that my former co-worker created and it works fine so the problem must be with my task sequence. Thanks.
  2. If I just run Windows 10x64 it works but if I add Office 2019x64 to the build that's when I get the above error. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I tried your reply but I still get the same error. I have attached the error. I have tried to hit shift F10 but it doesn't work. Thank you.
  4. Here it is. I forgot to put protect your pc to 3 instead of 1 but it was still failing when it was at 3. Thanks. unattend.xml
  5. I am trying to deploy Windows 10x64 with Office 2019x64 with MDT then import it into SCCM. I have it working with Office 2013x86 and Office 2016x86 but when I try to deploy Office 2019x64 I get " Windows Could Not parse or process unattend answer file for pass [specialize] Thanks, Rick.
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