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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm in the process of deploying Windows 10 (x64 Enterprise Build 1809) at a customer site using Configuration Manager Current Branch (1806 + Hotfix). Office 365 Click-to-Run is a Tier 1 application that I am installing during deployment of the OS to the endpoint machine. In order to ensure the O365 C2R content is the latest "Semi-Annual Channel" version (client is bound by regulation to patch applications, so testing this with Office) I've setup the following: "Content" for the Application in CM is JUST setup.exe plus XML files for the install. Two XML files for install for two different locations (one of which is on at a low-speed WAN site). Each XML refers to source content in an open share on the Distribution Point servers - one of which is at the low-speed WAN site. Two deployment types in the Application - one for each XML. Setup a Scheduled Task on the Distribution Point servers to update the share (not the Application content) on a regular basis So my plan was then to use a "Requirement" on the application using a custom Global Condition that determines the Active Directory site (created using PowerShell). The idea then being that during deployment, the application installs using the latest available SAC version and administrators don't need to worry about the Application content being updated. And of course, the XML file then tells it to grab the content from the local site, which is highly connected. Works wonderfully well in Software Center in my testing. BUT, doesn't seem to work in OSD Task Sequence ☹️. If I am reading error logs right, it seems as though the PowerShell in the Global Condition is not being allowed to run (even when I set Execution Policy to "Bypass" earlier in the Task Sequence. So, perhaps I am making things more complex than they should be. Simplest thing to do would be to create two separate applications using the same method (i.e. not just two deployment types) and use a Dynamic Variable in the Task Sequence that installs one or the other dependent upon gateway IP. However, throwing it out there for some thoughts on how I could do this using the multiple deployment methods on the single app. Thanks, Matt
  2. All, I have a question for you. At our workplace we have a CAS and PRI SCCM 2012 SP1 install. Its all working fine. The boss has been moaning about sql licensing, as we now have sql on cas and pri. I really don't see the benefit of putting the cas and pri sql instances on our cluster, now that it is up and replicating fine between cas and pri. Anyone have any experience moving the sccm 2012 sp1 DB's. Putting the cas and pri on a cluster surely then has all my eggs in one basket, cluster failure means sccm 2012 failure. Any thoughts anyone Please.
  3. Hi guys, Got SCCM 2012 with MDT 2012 U1 on a single server. Never had SCCM before and have extended the schema. Server OS is Win 2012 running in VMWare 5.1. Doing OSD's fine, and application deployments via the software catalogue is working without a problem. All good. However when performing an OSD, after installing the SCCM client I have application installs. Regardless of what application I use it fails with error 0x00000032. Nothing really in SMSTS however LocationServices.log does have the following: A Fallback Status Point has not been specified. Message with STATEID='500' will not be sent. Processing pending site assignment. Assigning to site '001' LSIsSiteCompatible : Verifying Site Compatibility for <001> Retrieved lookup MP [KLFBRSCCM01.domain.CORP] from Registry Attempting to retrieve lookup MP(s) from DNS DNS Suffix not specified No lookup MP(s) from DNS Retrieved lookup MP [KLFBRSCCM01.domain.CORP] from Registry Attempting to retrieve lookup MP(s) from DNS DNS Suffix not specified No lookup MP(s) from DNS Attempting to retrieve site information from lookup MP(s) via HTTP Failed to send site information Location Request Message to KLFBRSCCM01.domain.CORP LSIsSiteCompatible : Failed to get Site Version from all directories A Fallback Status Point has not been specified. Message with STATEID='608' will not be sent. Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot get security settings. No security settings update detected. Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot get site signing cert. Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot refresh Local MP. Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot get portal info. Executing Task LSSiteRoleCycleTask Failed to execute LSExecuteTask Checked the Systems Management container and the relevant objects appears to be listed fine. Boundaries appear to be setup without problems and OSD application deployments in the Build & Capture also work okay. Applications are enabled for deployment in TS as well as manually / Software Catalogue. Have inserted SMSMP=kflbrsccm01.domain.corp as installation parameter for the agent install, and also set the TS to reboot after it's installed (just before the application installs part of the TS) but no joy - same problem. Looks like it knows where to go to talk to the MP (KFLBRSCCM01). I'm assuming it's using registry as it's gathered after deployment of the SCCM client which has the SMSMP parameter....? Otherwise christ knows where it's geting it from as it should be published in AD fine. Again - nothing obviously in SMSTS, just appears to be problems in the LocationServices but I can't decipher what "LSIsSiteCompatible : Failed to get Site Version from all directories" means!!! Any help appreciated. Thanks - Steve
  4. Hi, Can someone please help me with a query to find a file in a particular location. thank you
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