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  1. maheshsona

    KMS Server

    How do i get MAk key from MS?
  2. How to add the activation process in TS?
  3. Can I use "driver magician". in TS? If yes pls tell me the step by steps
  4. Thanks for your valuable reply! i have one more q? How can format only c: drive except other drive in TS? How to create the TS in MDT?
  5. How can wipe or format for particular drive like C: , D: in TS
  6. How to create multiple partition with diskpart? i need to run commnad with text file?
  7. Sorry for the delay post: We have DC+DNS, DHCP,WDS servers deifferent box woth same subnet and client only having diff subnet. I have configured WDS with domain admin rights. Also DHCP server option 66, 67 point to WDS server (60 not yet configured) IP Helper has configured in our cisco switch (only added ip helper next to dchp server ) with this configuration i have received error msg "PXE-T04 Access violation" even i have given to everyone access for shared folder which one mapped for WDS If I have configue 60 option in DHCP. I can able to boot only one machine (no idea about this How it is booting only one system) Note: I have configure PXE responce policy "Respond to all client computers (Known and unknown)
  8. thanks for your reply! Now I can able to run WDSUTIL /Get-Server /Show:Config command with domain admin access. But the client machine getting the same error msg eventhough I have configured ip helper.
  9. Please find the log file for WDS. Also i'm inabale to run WDSUTIL commnad with local admin access WDSServer.LOG
  10. Hi, I have the same Problem, with TFTP/PXE boot. When i start the client in PXE mode it receives an IP And then occurs the familiar error. I have attached WDS log file for your reference. Error from the client machine: #PXE-T04: Access Violation #PXE-E36: Error received from TFTP server #PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM Logs from MDT Server: UDPPorts] Allocated dynamic port 64932. [1560] 09:36:09: Dynamic Port: 64932 [1560] 09:36:09: [WDSTFTP][uDP][Ep=64932] Registered [1560] 09:36:09: UpdEndpoint::UdpEndpoint = 000000000167A660 [1560] 09:36:09: [WDSTFTP][uDP][Ep=][0x000000000167A660] Created [1560] 09:36:09: [715319][WDSTFTP] TftpSession[0x0000000001489060:] - Initialized: Local= [1560] 09:36:09: [715319][WDSTFTP] [d:\w7rtm\base\ntsetup\opktools\wds\transport\server\tftp\tftpsession.cpp:573] Expression: , Win32 Error=0x5 [1560] 09:36:09: [715319][WDSTFTP] [d:\w7rtm\base\ntsetup\opktools\wds\transport\server\tftp\tftpsession.cpp:621] Expression: , Win32 Error=0x5 [1560] 09:36:09: [715319][WDSTFTP] [d:\w7rtm\base\ntsetup\opktools\wds\transport\server\tftp\tftpserver.cpp:626] Expression: , Win32 Error=0x5 [772] 09:36:09: [WDSTFTP][uDP][Ep=] Deleted. [772] 09:36:09: [715335][WDSTFTP] TftpSession[0x00000000013F7260:] - Endpoint Removed. Killing session. [772] 09:36:09: UpdEndpoint::~UdpEndpoint = 0000000001486B20 [772] 09:36:09: [WDSTFTP][uDP][Ep=0] Closed Further i tried to get the WDS config information in the command line but getting the below error msg. Command : WDSUTIL /Get-Server /Show:Config Regards, MAHESH WDSServer.LOG
  11. I've configured a WDS server on Server 2008 R2. I've set the response policy to respond to all, I've configured DHCP correctly but when I do a PXE boot from some clients PC `s get the Following error, PXE-T04: Access Violation PXE-E36: Error received from TFTP server PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
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