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  1. Hello everybody, I need to create an application that has different msi parameters depending on the VLAN the server is in. I thought i would use different Deployment types and determine the subnet by using a custom Global Condition. I started with creating a global condition using a powershell command (Get-NetIPConfiguration | Where-Object {$_.IPv4DefaultGateway}).IPv4DefaultGateway.nexthop this returns the ip address of the gateway but found out that this would only work on windows 2012r2 and above. There are still some 2008r2 servers here, so no good. I then decided to use a WMI
  2. Have you tried using CCMCLEAN.EXE? its a tool to completely removes any trace of the SCCM agent. it was part of the sccm 2003 toolkit but still works. after that reinstall the agent
  3. Hello, I'm having a weird issue on a SCCM 2012 R2 installation. When i create a configuration baseline, the name is show as blank and the baseline is disabled. (as shown below) when i look at the properties of the baseline all the info is correct.(as shown below) but when i try and enable the baseline it doesn't work. SMSProv.log shows the following. which makes me believe it might be an issue with either wmi or access to the db If I copy the sql query from the log : select all SMS_ConfigurationBaselineInfo.CI_ID,SMS_ConfigurationBaselineInfo.LocaleID,SMS_C
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