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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, So we are in the process of switching to Configuration Manager 2012 and we are now having MANY instances of WMI corruption on user workstations. The OS we are deploying is Win 7 SP1. Symptoms: -Keeping users from logging in (heavily delayed or not at all), spinning at the blue login screen. -Computer hangs at logoff/shutdown. -NIC lags on recognizing internet connection at startup. -Programs running slow and crashing (Includes MS Office and IE). -Windows crashing and getting black screens. Fixes we've tried: -Deleting all expired updates from Configuration Manager. -Consol
  2. Hello, This is my first post as I just registered with W-N. This question may have been asked before however I wasn't able to find it so I would like to apologise if I'm asking it again. I have a lab setup and I have successfully deployed the OS's to various VM's in my network. What I would like to do is add a security group to a computer object and have SCCM deploy it to the specified computer. 1. I have created an OU called " Subscriber Applications ". And in this OU I have created 2 Security Groups: Security Group 1: Application - Google Chrome Security Group 2: Applic
  3. Hi all Just found in todays post https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/3054451 Have fun Adrian
  4. Afternoon All, Hopefully there are some experienced SCUP users here on the forums. I seem to have an issue with the "Automatic" publishing feature of SCUP. They publish metadata only, despite client requesting that they need the update. My understanding is that if any Configuration Manager clients are requesting the update a full content will be initiated otherwise only metadata will be published. Am i missing something? Is there a specific log I can look at to see why it's not switching to full content automatically when requested?
  5. I have a client machine that is running Windows 7 Professional Build 7601 Service Pack 1. We are running System Center 2012 R2, version 5.0.7958.1000. I attached an image of software center on the client machine. The problem: None of the software in that picture that says "Status: Installed" is actually installed. I have tried removing the machine from the deployment collection and rerunning all policies under the action tab in configuration manager on the machine. Once it was added back to the deployment grouo (becuase I need to redeploy this software to test silent/automatic deploy
  6. Hi, I've a query related to tagging inventoried software discovered by Configuration Manager 2012 (with SP1) against custom labels created. Problem is, in my environment, I have close to 19,000 software discovered and over 1800 custom labels. And so tagging the software individually through the console is time consuming. Could somebody point me any work around to complete the custom label mapping either using WMI scripting or SQL updates? Any help appreciated.
  7. I work for a university that has a standard DNS suffix that matches the domain name across most of the University. My department, however, is unique and our workstations are actually assigned a different DNS suffix that does not match the domain name. So a computer may be named CompName.DomainName.edu but it will resolve as CompName.AltDNSSuffix.edu. Central IT has given out department's IT delegated access to our department's device collection in Configuration Manager 2012 and sent us to training. One of the suggestions of our trainer was to utilize Now Micro Right Click Tools. These tools wo
  8. In preparation to upgrade to Configuration Manager 2012 SP1, I am having problems with the Site Maintenance Task - Backup Site Server. The selection of the "Local drive for site server" is grayed out which prevents selection. I have also tried to save to another server, but look to be having issues regarding what looks to be the path issue with the CreateFile operation. I have attempted to use the workarounds listed at http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2012/08/01/support-tip-a-backup-site-server-maintenance-task-may-fail-to-run-in-configmgr-2012.aspx, but without
  9. I've created a collection called "Capture Images Collection". I imported computer information with the MAC address and told it to populate into that collection. When viewing that collection in the Configuration Manager Console, the imported computer doesn't appear. I've looked at the properties of the collection and it shows the computer listed as a direct rule. See attached. Anyone have an idea?
  10. My Task Sequence is failing with the following error message during the "install software updates" step. "Task Sequence: <XXX> has failed with the error code (0x800705B4). For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator." I found this in my smsts.log Failed to run the action: Install Software Updates. This operation returned because the timeout period expired. (Error: 800705B4; Source: Windows) And the error only happen on my chinese version window 7 task sequence. Anyone have encountere this before? smsts-20130320-135949.log Updat
  11. Just wondering if anybody can help. I've added 'Partition Disk' element to my task sequence and it works well with a simple 100% partitioning. I want two different configurations to be used. Our PC naming convention is that most PC names start with {ST} ST-00000 and I would like them to configure 100% Partition size. A small amount of PC's start with {CR} eg CR-00000 and I would like them to partition 50% to be used and leave 50% untouched. I just can't figure out how I'm supposed to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. W
  12. When i try to pxe boot a client, i only get PXE-E53 "No boot filename received" I have tried to reinstall wds/pxe several times.. searched trough a lot of post with similar problems..tried lot of solutions.. but still stuck.. I really dont know where to begin to troubleshoot this.. SMSPXE: reply has no message header marker SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12:36:19 3936 (0x0F60) PXE::DB_LookupDevice failed; 0x80004005 SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12:36:19 3936 (0x0F60) Set enterpirse certificate in transport SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12:36:19 3936 (0x0F60) Set media certificate in transport SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12
  13. Hi All, First time writer, long time reader! Looking for some advice on the following... Environment: 1 x Primary CM2012 server 1 x Site System Server (with Management Point role installed) What i am looking to do is utilise the new High Availability feature i have read so much about in the links below, so that if 1 MP goes down the other can still service clients. http://technet.micro...ibrary/hh846234 http://technet.micro...y/hh846246.aspx First of all, is this possible, and if so has anyone done this yet? Niall - I would love if you could put together a how step by s
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