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  1. Team , We installaed the SCOM 2012 and getting repoerted all the servers and showing the report . Issue : Imported the Windows NLB Pack from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13302 Looking for a solutions and Help : How to we get the report for Windows NLB related . Thanks
  2. I import the Virtual Machine Manager 2012 and PRO management packs, which are present on my VMM 2012 Server in the ‘%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\Management Packs’ directory. After that i cant connect the SCVMM console and it shows error . i checked all the services and restarted the server 2ice and no luck any idea ? Thanks
  3. AndinE , I have a management packs in my server for your info . can you check which i need to or if i missed any thing ... I googled below packs : • SQL Server Core Library version 6.0.5000.0 or later • Windows Server Internet Information Services Library version 6.0.5000.0 or later • Windows Server Internet Information Services 2003 version 6.0.5000.0 or later • Windows Server 2008 Internet Information Services 7 version 6.0.6539.0 or later I thing i did my level best but still iam in to trouble . i never did this before as newbie you help is really appreciated T
  4. you personal Blog Bookmarked. Updated the vote Have fun learning and sharing
  5. AdinE please post more and more . I love to have your detailed posts to understand a lot about System center Products . I learned through Windows-noob ( SCCM 2012 ) was amamzing experencing and i am happy pro now . Please upload more and more guides to help many people .. Thanks for your time and Effort
  6. The best start and thanks for intiative and your time. Keep post more and more make everybody expert on Cloud and system center products .. thanks TON
  7. Now i can see my clients shows INACTIVE .. Can you some one guide me to to understand to solve this issue . i Checked following configurations after updated teh SCCm 2012 CUP Thanks K~
  8. Hi , Current antivirus i am using Forefront security client on my production envirment . If i Enable the endpoint prodction in on SCCM 2012, is SCCM 2012 wil luninstall old Antivirus and install teh latestversion ?
  9. Someone share step by step with Screenshots wouldbe really nice Thanks
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