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  1. Hello We currently have over 30 desktops, laptops and tablets models and never have any issues with sccm. Using currently version 1906 with 1809 boot image using windows 10 image. All computers go through the process with no issues except this new model of dell tablets. We are able to deploy just fine on the 5285 with no issues and they use m.2 sata drives. This new model is using nvme with is the only difference I see between these. When I try to boot up, it searches just fine using either legacy or uefi but right when its about to find the boot image to run before tasking task sequence, it goes to the menu where it is asking to retry boot pressing f1, got to bios f2, etc... I have tried pretty much everything I can thing of including injecting the newest dell windows pxe drivers and no luck. The options dell provide for this laptop to make changes in the bios didnt work either. I am able to see ipv4 and ipv6 just fine when pxe it just doesnt go pass the package where it grabs the boot image. I am not able to find logs for this since it all happens right before the task sequence starts. Any help would be appreciate it.
  2. I was finally able to deploy my windows 10 LTSB Task sequence to the Surface pro 4 after finally getting the PXE fixed on it. Now I am getting this error when applying operating system on the SP4. I have used this TS before on multiple computers and this is the 1st time I get this error. Any tips?
  3. I am trying to PXE boot surface pro 4 and for some reason it does not boot. It tries to PXE over IP v4, then reaches my correct DP that has PXE and WDS, it finds the correct NBP file SMSBoot\x64\wdsnbp.com, then without prompting to press Enter key for PXE boot, it moves to IPV6, then it resets and goes to boot to hard drive. I was able to get it to boot through usb with no issues but were looking to have this working with sccm 2012 r2 sp1 cu3 so we can deploy to more units in the future. I have tried: Upgrade firmware to latest DHCP option are not set, ALL systems are on the same vlan Booting from Ethernet Adapter Added surface pro adapter successfully to the X64 boot image I can PXE boot all other system except for this model only with no issues. Has anyone got it to work? SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU3 Boot Image 10.0.26624.0 SCCM NOTE: Found that device was attached to an already imaged SP4 listed in SCCM. I found this on SMSPXE.log. found this page useful to determine which device it was attached to. Also had some good useful reporting logs to use. I did the excluded adapter device in regedit to make sure I am able to reuse the device. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2015/08/27/reusing-the-same-nic-for-multiple-pxe-initiated-deployments-in-system-center-configuration-manger-osd/
  4. I also had some issues with that current network card, this is what resolved my issue on multiple computers using that nic. https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/13456-issues-with-boot-images/
  5. Ok I finally got it to work with the I2I7-LM cards on optiplex 7040. My issue was that the link of the ADK that you gave me rocket had a different version of the RTM that you listed. I deleted that ADK and had to search for the RTM version you listed and added to sccm 2012 R2 CU3. At first I was getting that I couldn't add the boot image due to not finalized but once I completed the copype cmd with the ADK tools, I was able to get it to work. After completed, I used sccm 2012 to inject only the I2I7-LM driver from direct optiplex 7040 network folder and the computer was able to boot properly and went to the password option and beyond. I am testing the rest of the process to make sure I get a full complete process but I believe we got it. for future reference for those having problems with I2I7-LM card computers I used: BOOT Image both x86 and x64 : 10.0.26624.0 RTM OS Version 10.0.10240.16384 I2I7-LM Drivers : INF file E1D65x64.inf Tested on SCCM 2012 R2 CU3 Thanks for the help Rocket-Man. I was able to get a lot more done this way.
  6. Ok I created new boot images from the ADK that you mentioned ans just added the drivers through sccm 2012 r2 cu3 and the same results as before. right before when prompted to enter password that part on the menu doesn't not show up. the drivers that were added were directly from the dell optiplex 7040 network drivers. I tried to add only the I2I9-LM and also with adding all of them and both results were the same.
  7. check the bios clock and it's correct. downloaded the network drivers and injected them using dsim to the winpe.win and the system still doesnt get to the login screen to input the password. I even /recurse using dsim all of the network drivers for this specific model and still nothing.
  8. Tried what you recommended rocket, when and got a new boot.wim from the adk 10 and injected only the I2I7-LM drivers from WinPE listed on the dell websites in cabs and still the 7040 is canceling the boot image process right before when prompted to enter password. All other machines pxe boot just fine. So far I am having problems on the panasonic CF-311 models and these dell optiplex 7040 models.
  9. I just got 6 dell optiplex 7040 and 1 micro and it uses the Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM. I added the WinPE 5.0 and those successfully were added to the Boot Image x86 and x64. The system will start the boot process in Bios and goes to the screen were I can press F12 to the sccm 2012 splash screen and it goes blank right before entering the password set up in my manager. I have tried fresh image with no drivers and only installing the I2I9-LM, tried using winpe 5.0 and winpe 10.0 and nothing. I even dism and injected the drivers successfully to the boot.wim and the import that to sccm and still nothing. I have downloaded the network cd from intel to add the drivers and used the drivers cab from dell and nothing. I am running SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU3 with Windows 10 ADK 10.0.10586.0. It seems also that the same issue is happening with the same nic card on my cf-311 models from panasonic as well.
  10. I get the same message when trying to deploy on one of my sp4. the other sp4 I got actually goes pass this point but does nothing after splash screen and goes back to start all of the pxe boot process again with no success.
  11. Do you have a guide for windows 10 on surface pro 4? also what logs you need so I can attach them. The problem I am experiencing is that we have a windows 10 image that we deploy to various machines here that works using task sequence, when trying to deploy to the surface pro 4, the system goes to the process to pxe boot on one machine and goes all the way to the spash screen but no process gets started. On the other tablet, it does even start pxe boot. I been trying to look for a guide for specific windows 10 to surface pro 4 and cant seem to find one. I usually start looking here first since most of my deployment I created are from guides found here for guidance. We currently using sccm 2012 cu2. we dont use MDT 2013 or any other products.
  12. I Been having some issues when trying to deploy my windows 10 image to the surface pro 4. The image seems to be working fine when deployment is done to all other desktop machines. I embedded the surface Ethernet adapter drivers to the boot image and updated the distribution point with it as well. We only have 1 distribution point at the moment and 1 DHCP. On 1 surface pro 4 when tested, the process goes all the way till the splash screen of sccm 2012 but nothing happens. The other surface pro 4 tablet, does go past the pxe boot process after we updated the firmware on it as mentioned by Microsoft that resolved the issue with pxe boot. Has anyone had a successful deployment to the surface pro 4 using a windows 10 x64 image?
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