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  1. Niall, You wrote: "Note: The SCCM 1902 Current Branch media is not yet available on MSDN or VLSC. When the new baseline media is released I'll update this note. In the meantime you can download the baseline media ISO from the Microsoft evaluation site here. This will be the same media that will make it's way to MSDN and VLSC. Once downloaded, extract the media to C:\Source\SCCM1902." Since it now has been released, would you care to update your note? Also - this terrific series could be seriously improved were you able to publish Part 8 on boundaries. Thanks again for putting this all together. And, may I wish you Happy Birthday about 4 days early? -HarleyKM
  2. I need to download and properly install PowerShell cmdlets for Current Branch 1906. I have not been able to install *any* SCCM cmdlets, despite attempting to follow Microsoft documentation on the topic. I've looked at: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/sccm/1906-release-notes?view=sccm-ps https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/newyork-servicenow-platform/page/product/orchestration/task/t-update-sccm-cmdlet-libraries.html https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/system-center/powershell/system-center-2012-r2/dn958404(v=sc.20)?redirectedfrom=MSDN and downloaded and run ConfigMgr2012PowerShellCmdlets.msi - but all to no avail, thus far. I've set up a lab environment, and am working on familiarizing myself with SCCM in its current incarnation. Suggestions? -Harley
  3. Oh, and, may I add, I look forward to you publishing Part 8 - Configuring boundaries. Any idea when we may look forward to that? --HarleyKM
  4. anyweb, In your 'Configure System Discovery.ps1' script, you include, under # Active directory System discover method applicable variable the following line $AddAdditionalAttribute = "IsaNoob", "Notanoob", "noob" Obviously, I would not include that in a non-lab environment (unless I were a noob). Could you illuminate your thinking behind this? [Yes, it does illustrate that we can add attributes] As many have said, your work on this series is hugely appreciated! --HarleyKM
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