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    USMT to migration point back to PC

    By regan,
    I’m trying to use USMT on a windows 10 pc to the same PC. Ideally Id like to keep the format and partition step as normal which is why I’m trying to use the SCCM migration point to store the files.   I have put in the first step- request state store followed by - capture user state   Then at the end of the TS Release user state store – restore user state   currently using USMT 5.0   is there any other options I need to change in order to do the above  

    deploying other distribuion

    By honestvip,
    We are now two to Nqth distribution and we want a specific IP range
    The establishment of a specific distribution program is just like other distributions are slower

    What is the setting?

    1606 OSD Multicast

    By lmccormick1922,
    Happy New Year!   Having an issue with content availability for multicast. I can unicast an image just fine, but when I setup a multicast I'm getting the 80070002, which says the content is not available. Not really sure where to go. SMSTSLog atached   Any pointers would be appreciated!   smsts.log

    Software Updates during OSD (B&C Image)

    By cfreeman21,
    I know there have been changes in software updates by reading starting in 1606... How are you all patching your B&C Image using SCCM... I use SCCM to B&C not MDT... I do have MDT integrated into SCCM.    

    Windows 10 1511 to 1607 Upgrade during OSD

    By josephwagner,
    Is there a way I can upgrade our current images during the OSD process. Our wim files were built on Windows 10 1511 and we are currently in the process of upgrading our current workstations from 1511 to 1607 using the method outlined here: https://osddeployment.dk/2016/08/05/how-to-upgrade-windows-10-1607-with-sccm-1606-inplace-task-sequence/   We would like to update our images as well so new workstation deployments are receiving the update. We are unable to update our wim files at this time.   I tried adding the steps in at the end of the task and didn't have any luck when I tested this. (See attached image)   Thank you.    

    Last 4 mount Update 20 gig

    By honestvip,
    date relased last 4 moints language english product windows 10 update classifiction critical or security update   Why such a high volume of updates? 20gig

    SCCM1610 Replication Issue

    By abhi1411,
    we have 1 CAS and 4 Primaries in our environment and had recently updated our sccm environment from 1602 to 1610. we are facing replication issues in CAS and one of the primary sites. On CAS every things seems to be OK but on one of the primary sites it shows replication link in failed state.   On bit digging down replication group CloudProxy is in failed state and RLA is in degraded state. On initiating replication analyzer, CloudProxy become active but RLA remains in degraded state and after some time link again failed.

    how to change default home page all browser

    By honestvip,
    hi net package for change all browser homepage all client

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