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    BITS throttling during OSD task sequence?

    By Ariendg,
    I can't seem to find the right information about network limitations during Operating System Deployment with ConfigMgr. Is this possible? Where can I find info about this?   I believe 'client settings' are not active when the OSD Task Sequence is still in provisioning mode. correct?   I have found this topic on the windows-noob forum: https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/7780-osd-throttle-bandwidth/ (no replies unfortunately) And something on uservoice: https://configurationmanager.uservoice.com/forums/300492-ideas/suggestions/15043629-bandwidth-throttling-for-osd   Can I conclude that this is not possible? Maybe only when using multicast transfer rates on the specific distribution point? We don't use multicast at the moment, but I have added a screenshot to the post.   Am I missing other options the product has to offer? has anyone used general BITS configuration on the DP-nodes are network solutions the (only) way to go?

    PXE Booting Problem With UEFI HP 430 G4

    By rbisset,
    Hi Guys,   I'm unable to PXE boot a HP 430 G4 in UEFI mode here. All other laptops here work on UEFI mode and legacy. The HP 430 G4 will boot in legacy mode.   I have injected the network drivers into the boot image which were missing initially and can confirm they work as I have booted in legacy mode and also from a USB bootable media and both pick up the network fine.   When pressing F12 I get Starting PXE over IPv4 for about 5-10 seconds and then back to bios menu.   It happens for known and unknown computers of this model as I tried adding it in manually to make it known. I've tried creating a new boot image with the drivers. Same results. Using ip-helpers. Everything definitely distributed.   I'm stuck here. We have 385 of these to image and I don't want to have to change BIOS settings on each one. Any help would be appreciated.   SMSPXE Log only shows this:    

    Task Sequence failing to Join the Domain.

    By ogeccut,
    I have Current Branch running as the lab. Trying to run a win10 TS. It build the OS, but fails to join the domain and fails to install the application. I have a lot of: Policy Evaluation failed, hr=0x87d00269   Install application action failed: 'VMware Tools'. Error Code 0x87d00269   The site is missing from site code and i am not able to tyep one in.   I am attaching smsts.log file. Please let me know if i can provide any more information>?   Thank you.   Can i attach an image here? When i click on the image i am prompted for URL? Is there a way to attach an image from the local drive? smsts.log

    policy or script for enable wake on lan all client network

    By honestvip,
    Is there a policy solution for this case or not?
    If this option in the setup and network cards exist
    The only network-enabled card or should we both be active؟

    windows driver foundation service high memory usage

    By honestvip,
    wudfhost.exe is a Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver   high memory usage   do you have solution for this problem   thx

    OSD Task Sequence failing - Acer Tablet

    By JakWud,
    Good afternoon fellows! I'm currently struggling with an issue trying to get our Win 10 task sequence to take off. Just for background info, this task sequence works just fine on all other models that we have except this Acer Switch Alpha 12 tablet we're testing. Smsts.log is attached.   -Problem is this: Boot the device into WinPE, select the desired task sequence, it begins to download the boot image and then fails.   -Noteworthy errors: Failed to install boot image. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) Failed to install WinPE. Code(0x80004005)   -Error log interpretation: Going through the smsts.log and looking around I thought this might be telling me that possible the boot image didn't have a driver for the SSD built into the tablet.   -What I've done so far: Diskpart/format the drive with UEFI. Received and uploaded AHCI drivers from Acer into the boot image assigned to the task sequence/boot image.   Looking forward to any and all input. Thanks!   Jake smsts.log

    Install SCCM on Server Core in a workgroup

    By ranmojo,
    So I managed to install the SCCM client on a workgroup computer also running server core - at least it looked successful. But the client has not registered with the site, and cannot locate the site if I try to punch it into the Config Manager control panel applet on the Site tab. (Error message: "Configuration Manager did not find a site to manage this client.") Full disclosure: I am using a PKI setup and a client certificate. The certificate is successfully installed. The root and intermediate certificates are installed in the proper computer stores.   I used this install syntax:   ccmsetup.exe /usepkicert /noservice /skipprereq:silverlight.exe SMSMP=https://myserver.domain.comSMSSITECODE=PS1 DNSSUFFIX=domain.com   Both ccmsetup and client.msi logs returned successful installs -- return code "0" at the end.   But the client doesn't show up in my site... and the CCM control panel Actions tab only has the two initial items in it, User & Machine policy refresh. How can I figure out what is preventing the client from fully communicating with the site? I also noticed the General tab makes no mention of PKI like normal clients do, that I've installed elsewhere successfully using certificates. The client certificate is "none" on this machine. But CCM client does not install if it cannot find a suitable certificate, so how could it install but say client cert = none?   In LocationServices.log I can see entries that there is access denied 0x80004005 failed to send information Location Request Message to <MP server name>. Hmm.

    SCCM no log files are updating.

    By OliAdams,
    Hi,   I am running one single sccm server 5.0.8412.1000 and all of the log files have not updated since 31.08.2016. The system did crash then according to a crashdump folder but all seems to be working except pxe boot. I dont even get an smspxe.log file in the logs folder. Where would be the best place to start troubleshooting without log files? I have of course restarted the server and reinstalled PXE on the DP but still the same no reply on tftp error.   The crash refers to a reg erro shown below: ERROR: Could not read HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_EXECUTIVE\Yield Configuration from the registry: The system cannot find the file specified.   Any ideas are appreciated.   Thanks,   Oliver

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