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    By radish,
    在先决条件检查失败,[失败]:验证是否在为 Configuration Manager 站点服务器安装指定的计算机上注册了 Microsoft 远程差分压缩(RDC)库。   如图中所示, 这个是什么原因。

    SCCM 1610 - Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade Blue Screen w/Spinning Dots

    By Config_Mgr_noob,
    Hello everyone,   Not sure if I'm posting this on the right forum so please let me know and I'll post at Windows 10 forum. I have been testing out the new Windows 10 In-place upgrade with specified drivers within the task sequence. I have been successful at upgrading my test machines from Windows 7 to 10. Recently, I decided to inject updates to the upgrade package to be able to apply updated Windows 10 to make the process much smoother. Now, after applying the task sequence and rebooting into

    Powershell Script to Add to different domains OSD

    By gbrown135,
    I am working for a company who is looking to create a new Windows 10 image. I have a powershell script that prompts for a Computer name and this all works fine by passing the OSDComputerName variable to the TS.   I'm trying to introduce is another powershell script that will ask the user to select one of 2 domains. This is done by selecting one of 2 radio buttons in a Powershell Form called by a function. Whichever one is selected will create a custom TS variable and the variable will be passe

    F12 PXE Linux SCCM2016

    By ExzoTikFruiT,
    Hello. There is a need to raise the PXE Linux on the server is running with the SCCM, but the problem is that when prescribe smsboot \ x86 \ pxelinux.com in DHCP, it is loaded in the PXE Linux without F12 request. How to make so that he asked for pressing any buttons before downloading to, users who have exhibited loading on the network do not fall accidentally into the PXE Linux

    Win 10 Servicing - All language updates downloaded

    By Config_Mgr_noob,
    Hello everyone,   I just recently started configuring my sccm for WIN 10 servicing. As I began to download updates and upgrades from Microsoft, the downloads began to pull down all languages for both the feature and Upgrade patches for Windows 10. I checked on the language configuration within the SUP and only English was ticked. I went to WSUS console and noticed that in here all languages were ticked. I made the changes to only have English ticked and resynced my Windows 10 Updates. Unfortun

    In place upgrade 1607 Windows 10 Task Sequence Hanging

    By normeyj,
    i have begun doing in place upgrade Task sequence at my work. I have set all the models drivers in my task sequence to download and then transfer to a C:\drivers folder based on WMI query. This is working fine and the operating system is downloading as well. What is happening in the SMSTS.log is the task sequence will hang on "RUNNING ACTION: Upgrade Operating System" It hangs running this command and will not move forward and reboot. I am trying to figure out why this is happenin

    Problems with Reporting services point

    By wingzero,
    Hi,   I tried to install the Reporting services point, but i am stuck and do not know where.   I have a sccm server and a seperate sql server.   I configured the reporting services on the sql server.   and i can go to web service url and the web portal url.   then i went to my SCCM server and install the reporting role on my SQL (site system server)   but nothing .....   I thought that the folder which we named while setting up the reporting role should appear in the web portal url

    Attempting to display the notification balloon... Notifications not showing.

    By sunsine,
    this can be deleted, thanks

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