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  1. Hello All Not sure if this has been shared on this forum before. Here is the quiz application available for CM 12. http://quizapp.cloudapp.net/default.aspx?quiz=Configmgr2012 Enjoy the quiz
  2. For a new you version , you would have msi. so create a program for that msiexec /i "application" /qb! For removing old version , create a script file which will check the product codes and remove and create another program with cscript "uninstall.vbs" chain this previous program where this will run first and for registery create another program chain it with above prorgam.
  3. While creating the program , specify to run it with admin access not in user context. in CM 7, you have the option to chose where it say , whether or not used is logged in, which automatically takes it into admin context
  4. Is this reboot requirement is only for the SUM or a general reboot policy for clients. I guess you have a dynamic collection which collects the computer details based on the client agent scan settings. Sometimes the computer added to the collection does not represent the accurate data. You can use CCMeval.exe in CM 12 to incorporate any customised script based reboot policy.
  5. Policy arrived for the package <![LOG[Policy arrived for parent package 9000046A program 01-[Desktop]-SCCM-Test-Package]LOG]!><time="15:14:43.869+240" date="09-11-2013" component="execmgr" context="" type="1" thread="6044" file="execreqmgr.cpp:6894"> Package was not available <![LOG[OnContentAvailable program 01-[Desktop]-SCCM-Test-Package NOT available, 0x80091007]LOG]!><time="02:05:05.357+240" date="09-12-2013" component="execmgr" context="" type="3" thread="5992" file="executionrequest.cpp:4800"> Then you might have done something with the source instance of SoftDistAdvertHashMismatchEvent Redictribute the package and check and again
  6. Verify the SQL installation and instance settings. Check if the SQL services are up and running Account used for set up should be a admin ( domain and local computer ) Check the port settings, if its not getting blocked by firewall ( if yes, make an exception rule )
  7. Definetly no CAS required. If I had been in your position, I would have gone with single primary with no secondary sites , just a DP Though there tons of other things to be considered. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg682075.aspx
  8. How the mandatory assignment is configured ? Check for any backlogs in inboxes. Check the releavant logs for policy download and if there is any netowrk lag at both client and server end logs
  9. I can think of something wrong at discovery end. What are the discovery methods used. Check the AD schema extension part check the sccm inboxes for any pending items
  10. Adding to what peter referred , scripts are also an option, put all the actions in script, encrypt the source and deploy it
  11. I am new to Hyper V and I have a doubt which I wanted to clarify. Scenario. Physical Machine with Windows 2008 R2 and DC set up on this. Virtual Machine : Windows 2008 R2 There would be more clients (VM )joining the domain . My physical machine is not connected to any network, network cable is unplugged, is it possible to create a network between host (physical machine ) and VM over the virtual adpaters created by HYper V Network manager . No data will go out of the physical machine so its a sort of sitting at one end of network and the traffic will flow between Virtual machines and Physcial machine. How to go about it, if its possible ?
  12. 1. SCCM clients do not connect to Microsoft for updates. 2. Configure the client agent settings for scanning for updates if WSUS infra in place. 3. Create a GPO for system to disable to auto connect to Microsoft for updates,
  13. Have you installed on the SQL server on the same server as your CM 12 The FQDN itself does not look right, whats your domain name , FQDN should be Serverame(hostname for server ).domain
  14. What is your OU structure . Do you have a separate OU for Workstations , if yes , create a filter group , add win 7 laptops and apply the GPO if you have SCCM in place.. you can find out the number of laptops with WIn 7 which needs to be added
  15. Hey its a great site ..
  16. Well there are always different procedures available to accomlish something. Personally, I dont believe in inceasing load on the OS image and rather keep it simple. Adding applications through TS gives a flexibilty to ammend it as an when required .
  17. My thoughts are that the Task Sequence runs under "Local System" account = Correct "Local System" account has full permissions on its computer account in AD = Incorrect Local system account does not have permissions on AD and until and unless its provisioned that way.
  18. oh by the way.. its available on this website as well , check out the guides shared in this forum by anyweb http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8101-using-system-center-2012-configuration-manager-part-13-deploying-windows-8-x64-with-custom-start-screen/ go at the end of the page to see the install application in task sequence editor
  19. You will have to include Office 2010 in task sequence .. check out the install application section http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh846237.aspx
  20. So basically you want the software updates to go to the system but you dont want to show it to people logging on to the system. You cant change the notification settings from CM as you releasing the updates to a collection. From system end , if the users logging in are not admin on the system , you can hide the notification through a policy.
  21. Why do you want to send the information to users for troubleshooting client. There are lot of sripts available to remotely fix the client on those systems. for example http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Remote-Repair-SCCM-Client-14ea420a or http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/VB-Script-to-Initiate-SCCM-6457b3ff in this one intiating scup , you can change accordingly.
  22. If your company has any existing contracts with MS , you can approach the Microsoft relationship manager for your company to check if they can arrange a training. Those trainings are given by MS PFE and its really good.
  23. Anybody aware of Capacity planning tool for CM 12 or any website available.
  24. In case if you are sure when your user is not going to be there ... you can schedule the installation in ctrl alt del mode you can specify the advert start time along with the assignment time. Put all the machines which needs IE 8 in collection and release the advert to the collection. from my personal experience I can tell u that its not a good idea releasing IE or Java when user is logged in.
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