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  1. I use this : Windows 10 remove builtin apps script with multiple version support - CCMEXEC.COM - Enterprise Mobility I created the 20H2 files and named them 19042 as well. Then created the package. None of these applications get removed though: microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps Microsoft.WindowsAlarms Microsoft.SkypeApp Microsoft.ZuneVideo Microsoft.ZuneMusic Microsoft.YourPhone Microsoft.XboxApp Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder Microsoft.Wallet Microsoft.People Microsoft.OneConnect Microsoft.Office.OneNote Microsoft.MixedReality.Portal Microsoft.MicrosoftSt
  2. I've tried 2 scripts I found online but they didn't work. After the task sequence completed, the apps were still there. I'll post the links if which ones I used and a screenshot of my task sequence a bit later.
  3. The ones like Candy Crush, Xbox, Mail, and any others catagorised as bloatware
  4. Hi all. Is it possible to remove Built in Apps from 20H2 during TS?
  5. 2006. I had to run a new Sync. After that, all the new patches were downloaded. S Strange problem, but glad the sync resolved the issues.
  6. Has anybody experience this issue with patches not downloading. I am having this problem for October? My ADR is running with no errors, but no updates are being downloaded. Last month's ADR and downloads went off without a hitch Rule Engine Error ADR - no problems ADR settings No patches under Preview
  7. So basically, this is what I did: Added a Domain security group to the Remote Tools Operator Group. Went to Only the instances of objects that are assigned to the specified security scopes and collections. Removed everything from there except Default Security Scope and Add added the collection I want the group to have access too. User then logs into the SCCM console, but can see everything on SCCM. He does not have access on the other collections, but can still see everything else. I want to only allow them t see the collections they have access too.
  8. sorry I meant I download this version: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29265 My CM version is on build 2006. RBA Viewer does not launch.
  9. I tried to install this version but it keeps crashing. I am on CB 2006
  10. I have setup delegated access to a few collections. Is it possible to only view those collections when they login to CM?
  11. I also tested with a Apply Auto Drivers, and still failed. smsts.log
  12. Currently on on V1906. Had about 50 laptops imaged, but the drivers where not included in the task sequence. I am trying to deploy the drivers to a collection that includes all the new laptops via a TS but keeping getting the errors below. smsts.log
  13. I am busy with a project were I need to restructure my current AD and decommission 2 Domain Controllers. This involves creating new OUs and moving user accounts/service accounts and groups to different OUs as well. Is it possible to run a PS command, or any type of report to determine if any applications are using those particular DC's for LDAP queries, and also which accounts and groups are also being used? We have 100s of applications and no documentation for the setup on them. If I can get a report of which IP is talking to the DC for LDAP a query, I can use that to match my applicatio
  14. I am currently busy with a new AD structure. Basically moving accounts around, creating, re-naming, and deleting OUs, etc. There are tons of AD accounts that are being used for LDAP queries that have not been documented. Is there a way I can find out which AD accounts are linked or being used for queries by different applications?
  15. My Auto Deployment Rule keeps failing with error code 0X87D20417. RULEENGINE.LOG STATMSG: ID=8706 SEV=E LEV=M SOURCE="SMS Server" COMP="SMS_RULE_ENGINE" SYS=MDBXDXVMSC4PR.MDD.NET SITE=MDD PID=2260 TID=10292 GMTDATE=Wed Jan 01 22:22:35.253 2020 ISTR0="SMS Rule Engine" ISTR1="Failed to download one or more content files" ISTR2="" ISTR3="" ISTR4="" ISTR5="" ISTR6="" ISTR7="" ISTR8="" ISTR9="" NUMATTRS=0 SMS_RULE_ENGINE 2020/01/02 12:22:35 AM 10292 (0x2834) Creating Software Update Group for ADR SMS_RULE_ENGINE 2020/01/02 12:22:35 AM 10292 (0x2834) Parsing Deployment Action X
  16. I have and it made no difference - on my other deployment which was more than 7 days ago, those machines show the same
  17. I have a strange problem with reporting. I have created my upgrade TS to upgrade to from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The TS runs successfully and the machine does upgrade with no issues. My problem is that SCCM is stills reporting that the machines are still on Windows 7. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. I have even tried to create a new TS, but that made no difference.
  18. Alternatively, does anybody have a link that has the minimum requirements for BitLocker Management via Intune - trying to Google, but nothing easily found
  19. Can on Prem AD joined machines be used for Intune Bitlocker deployment, or do all machines have to be Azure joined? Would all users require E3 or higher for Bitlocker deployment?
  20. I have an issue with my CB setup. I have a single MP and 4 different sites. I have 4 boundary groups with a single DP in each group. MY MP also has the DP role as there are servers in the same site as my MP that require updates downloaded to them - those are working fine. The other servers only have the DP roles setup. My issue is that updates are being deployed to my remote sites. They only download and install if I add my MP into my boundary group however that is defeating the purpose as clients then access updates over the WAN. Once I remove it, I dont get the deployments. Content has
  21. are you guys able to deploy Office 365 within your task sequence when deploying a new machine. My standard deployment to a machine works, however new deployments are not. TS keeps failing on the Office install part
  22. I have setup my Free disk report, however it only allows me to select the default groups of servers. Is there a way I can setup the report for any of my custom groups?
  23. yup same exact same VLAN. I've matched all the BIOS settings between them, but still no luck. The e5580 is set to Legacy Boot though and not UEFI. IT still images and boots into windows with no issue.
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