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  1. Hi Niall, I´m working on adding the new version of your great tool and noticed a reg value that looks out of Place. In the upgrade.hta, line 352 "//var key = "HKCU\\Software\\windowsnoob\\UpgradeComputer";" Shouldn´t this line also be something like " + CompanyName + "? Kind regards
  2. We had some old DHCP options still present on the Scopes even though we are using IP-Helper, removing those got us running on one VLAN.
  3. Any new info on this? I was testing this out earlier and got it to work on our "primary" VLAN. We are using IP-helper and from what I can tell it´s configured the same way on all VLANs. Using WDS works fine on any VLAN byt SCCMPxe doesnt 😕
  4. Hi there and welcome. You can install software in multiple ways, I myself is also somewhat new to SCCM and is using what I think is the easiet way. I assume you already have the applcations added in SCCM and if so, you can just edit the task sequence you use for OS Deployment and add the applicatons. Note that if you want to install an application that is not deployed you must allow that by checking the box in the third attached imaged. Hope this is somewhat helpful
  5. Nothing that pops up right away.. I guess you could try to make a new export from a computer were you set Adob as default PDF reader and then manually import it on a test client to see if it works.
  6. We had that same issue but I found out that in our case it was caused by using old export files. The applicationstrings and what not is updated with every Win 10 version, so if you have exported the default App association file from a client running 1703 you can encounter the behaviour you explain when importing it to a client running a diffrent version. Thumbrule is to make a new export for every Windows version your are running, its been working fine for us after we started doing that.
  7. Never tried using the GPO method my self. Is it only Adobe that fails or are you trying to change default apps for any other app?
  8. So how are you trying to accomplish this? Have you done the export from a reference machine running 1709?
  9. What method are you using while applying this? I've been using this with OSD since Win 10 1511 with no issues at.. Since I set default assoc for several apps its a good idea to do the export from a reference client running the same version you want to apply it on.
  10. We are running 6.3.8450.1000, however I do belive it's working now.. While addding the steps to my task I was following your guide in the .docx you have published here. In that guide it says But in the guide here in the forum it says So i replaced the ServiceUI.exe x64 with the x86 and that seem to have fixed it..I also removed the windowhide.exe, will I need it? Anyways, thanks for helping me out and keep up the good work!
  11. No, the script is downloaded from your link, unzipped and pasted in the package folder.. I re-attach it here. I´m trying to do an inplace upgrade for 1709 x64, so i picked the ServiceUI and WindowHide from the x64 folder. WindowsSetupCompatibilityScanResults.zip
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