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  1. Yes you need to unmount the WinPE img, what you could do is remove the image from your PXE and DP , then add the drivers, then after you have added the drivers you update the dist points with the updated WinPE img. You could also check this post out. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrosd/thread/9d4a42e8-1268-4a65-ba73-d0bdd21a7f43/
  2. You could start checking that your site is healthy. Monitoring > System Status > Site Status , and Component Status. Everything green in there?
  3. Try removing the computer from the collection via direct membership. Wait 10mins then add it again.
  4. Could you post the smsts.log file? from C:\ At what stage is this? does it format and partition the disk?
  5. hehe there sure is, check out this link by MS http://assets.msleap365.com/content/lpguid/htmh/250ED933C4A146A4BC59BA835603DBEF.htm Check out the movie under Hardware "Delivering a secure and fast boot experience with UEFI" well the coolest thing atm i think if you have a SSD and running Windows 8 you can boot and be on the desktop in like 5 secs. Thats quite impressive
  6. Ok i tryed this again just to se if it still works if i do it from scratch. 1.Create a new "Operating System Image" from the Install.wim located on the Windows 8 media. 2.Create a new Task Sequence for Build And Capture and point that to the Windows 8 org media wim file you just created. 3.Deploy the TS to the appropriate collection, maybe you could try creating a new collection here just to test.
  7. It sure is! going to try Server 2012 nex, i wish i had a newer modell to test with so i could boot from network and still use UEFI. Getting a mac client next week that is going to be intresting to se how easy (or hard) it will be to get the client on there
  8. haha , but i did point to the 2nd img index in the step "apply operating system" during deployment of that wim... Well now im gonna try win 7 se if i can get that to work Edit, Windows 7 UEFI = Success!
  9. Yes i am using USB to deploy because the modell i am testing on (HP 8540w) only has legacy bios with UEFI and does not have any network drivers for UEFI. Still cool that it works tho, going to try UEFI with Windows 7 now
  10. Yes the first two pictures is the wim from the build and capture. The second one is from the Windows 8 org media. Org media i only have 1 index.
  11. haha yeah i know sorry! but i still think its strange that you cant get it to work.Im going to check your other post tomorrow . I just got UEFI to work via SCCM really nice
  12. If you do a build and capture successfully and use that wim to deploy windows 8 you wont need this step hooray
  13. I got it to work now, the only thing i changed was that i used my Windows 8 wim image from my build and capture,. When i tryed again i used the one from the org media and now it works... Strange, any idea what could have caused this?
  14. Strange! I guess you are trying to build and capture on a virtual machine right?
  15. You need to move those before you install the client, like this. Do you see the difference? Because you need to be inside WinPE.
  16. How does your query look like? WMI or something else? Here is your problem "The step (Windows XP - E6420 x86) must be running in WinPE"
  17. How did you set the advertisment? "always rerun" "Rerun if previosly failed" ect ect... ?
  18. Seems to me you need to inject the NIC drivers into your boot image, are you trying this on a virtual machine or on physical hardware?
  19. Yes sir! Use the Install.Wim and make a new Operating System Image , then you create a build and capture TS from that . Should work!
  20. Yes in SP1 just add the Install.wim from the installation source and then do a build and capture from that wim. This is how my TS looks like in SP1 if you chose the Win8 install.wim EDIT, Create a NEW TS and point it to the new image, dont copy the windows 7 one. Edit 2. You have to add the WIM file from the Windows 8 source to your "Operating system installers" like here.
  21. How does your "apply Operating system" look like what img are you applying?
  22. Se that you have added the DP you are trying to download the files from to your boundry group.
  23. What package is the Task Sequance saying that its not located on the DP? Check properties and then content locations. If it is located on the DP , try re-creating the package.
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