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  1. Have you dubblel checked the default client settings for Endpoint protection? One other log you could check is Queries > All systems > "system name you are trying to install" good luck!
  2. That´s really cool with the Dell ! I actually have that modell at my customer right now and they want to me to setup a POC for Windows 8, to bad SP1 is not out yeet. Im also going to try pre-provisioning next week when im back at the office. Exciting stuff indeed!
  3. First UEFI deployment , looking good Uploaded with ImageShack.us Just to demostrate how good UEFI really is, i posted this clip when i boot my laptop and the boot times are amazing!
  4. Remove the object from the collection where the advertisment resides via direct membership, re-add the computer after you have updates the collection membership and you clearly se that the computer is no longer a member of the collection. God luck!
  5. Hi! you cant point to the iso file, you have to extract the contents into a folder! it should work after that. Try putting them in another folder where everyone has read permission. You should only use the .wim file if you are running CM SP1. And i hope you are not because it´s a production env
  6. You need MDT and the ADK. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30652
  7. I would guess that you need to configure your Network access accounts , and doublecheck your rights to the sources folder (or the site folder where the client files are located). And where you need to upload your wim file for the capture
  8. So the drivers on x64 and x32 thats is located on the lenovo site does not work? You could try this. Add the drivers to a USB drive, Boot into winPE F8 drvload "e:drivers\nic\mynic.inf" (obviosly use the path yo the driver on the usb) then do a ipconfig until u find the right drivers. Good luck!
  9. Remove the computer from the collection via direct membership , then add it again after updating collection membership. You could wait a couple of extra minutes after removing the computer from the collection just to be sure.
  10. Are you having problems importing the drivers to the boot img? I recently added drivers for Lenovo laptops to my PE , i needed to rename the .inf files to get it working because the boot.wims never like when you have multiple drivers for the same NIC.
  11. You will be able to use 2012 SQL as soon as the SP1 for CM 2012 is released. And you still dont need a CAS for 1500 clients, maybe if you where running 10k clients or more.
  12. Yes this has happend to me before. Remove the WDS role, remove all the PXE checkboxes on the boot img and DP. after uninstalling everyhing reboot and remove all the folders manually. Reinstall WDS Add the PXE options to DP and boot img Good luck!
  13. If you have the components installed it should work, dubblecheck that you have the IIS 6 Compatability components installed,
  14. Have you checked the PXE option on the boot images? check out step 3. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6353-using-system-center-2012-configuration-manager-part-7-build-and-capture-windows-7-x64-sp1/
  15. Does the client join the domain when u do the update? i guess it does not, so try using SMSSITECODE="your site" and "SMSMP=yourmp" when installing the client (smsclient)
  16. Are you running your sql in the default sql instance? if not you need the CU6.
  17. Is it on a remote DP or is it on the local sccm DP?
  18. You def dont need a CAS when running 500 clients. Primary site Run the rest as DPs
  19. Hello! I am currently running Server 2012 and CM 2012 on my system, and if you want to be able to PXE boot , you will have to add the WDS role on the server first, then add the PXE options to the DP. Start the WDS Config util but dont make any img or anything, just the initial configuration, se if that helps.
  20. Aslong as you´r not capturing WindowsXP it should work just fine.
  21. So you still cant deploy any OS to them ? even if you deploy the TS to unknown computers?
  22. If you want to be able to deploy it that way you will need to have two images that you deploy depending on what office needs the computers. If you install Office in the TS you can have one img and use a query to identify what office version needs to be installed, much more dynamic than using two images.
  23. Install everything first, side-by-side . And then move all the objects you need to the new clean installation. edit, what do you mean by upgrading sql? u need to install CU 6 to be able to install the SCCM databse on the SQL server.
  24. Try deploying the task sequance you want to be available to the "All unknown computers collection" and make sure the task sequance is available for PXE. If you want to seach for you´r missing computers via MAC adress try this. Go to Membership rules on a collection Click membership rules Add rule > Direct rule Resource class: system resource attribute name : MAC Addresses type in the mac adress of the computer like so 00:00:00:00:00:00 Now if you have the computer in the database it will propably show up as "unknown" add it to the collection and delete the object. Then readd the computer to the collection you want. good luck.
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