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  1. Good info indeed! Is there any talk about when we will be able to network boot UEFI devices?
  2. Runnig our lab with Server 2012 and all the clients on Hyper V.3 Dont have the HW specs here atm will update later!
  3. Hi ! What version of Windows 8 are you using for you deployment? In our enviorment we dont get the "Connect to a wireless network" during deployment (Windows 8 Enterprise)
  4. How did you remove the packages? did you use the "content locations" in the console?
  5. Hello! You should check that you have the requierd ports open to be able to do a push installation, for example turn off the windows firewall and se that the WMI ports are open to the computer so the client cant connect and install. Good luck! Also more here, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg681980.aspx
  6. Thank you ! i totally missed that one. I will report back when i have applied the update!4 Wooooooooooooooo it works now after the CU6 patch! lova ya guys The problem is that if you are running SQL Server 2008 R2 and if you are running the database on a NON-default instance the SCCM will have problems locating it because it querys the WMI and looks for the default sql instance. So if you are having this problem and you are running the database in an named instance, you need this patch!
  7. Should i install the CU 6 even if im running SQL Server 2008 R2? in you guide it sais CU4 ? Never mind there is no other update for R2 then CU4... Guess i have to come up with some new ideas here...
  8. Hi and thx for the fast reply! I am runnig SQL Server 2008 R2 with CU 4. The SQL Service is running under the SQL service account for that system. Should i upgrade to CU 6? And the SQL is runing on a different server, not on the same server as the CM.
  9. Hi, Still having problems with my reports. When i browse the site on the reporing services SQL it looks like this. http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/3026/tomtq.png This does not show up. http://www.windows-n...-1321625640.png if u check the monitoring > Component Status > SMS_SRS_Reporting_POINT it looks like this. The report server service is not running on Reporting Service Point server "XXX.SE"; start the service to enable reporting. And the service IS RUNNING, ive rebooted the servers, restarted the services nothing seems to help. Any ideas?
  10. What does the logfile say when you try to distribute the files?
  11. How is everyone sorting out servers and rules? Im currently thinking about doing different collections for different servers, then connect the collections to grups in AD. So it looks something like this. SQL Servers Group > SQL Servers Collection > Endpoint protection malware profile SQL Servers TMG Servers Group > TMG Servers Collection > Endpoint protection malware profile TMG Servers Is this a good setup? or would you guys do it differently? When i use this method i can just add the server i want in the appropriate group then the server will get the right profile. Any thoughts ? suggestions?
  12. It depends what kind of computers you want in that collection, if you are going to use direct membership you dont need any rules or querys. If you are going to use a group you could connect that to a ad group for example. You can find more info here. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/892-deploy-software-through-ad-groups-linked-to-collections-in-sccm/ select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM .SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.SystemGroupName = "SCCM2007\\GROUPNAME"
  13. You login to the machine you want to add the account to, then you ad the account to the administrators group on that machine.
  14. More info here. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg712288.aspx#BKMK_ClientCache What kind of installation method are you using?
  15. So you havent extrended the schema for SCCM 2012? If you dont your clients wont be able to find the right server for the software cataloge. "When a new Configuration Manager client installs, the client can search Active Directory Domain Services for installation properties. If you do not extend the schema, you must use one of the following workarounds to provide configuration details that computers require to install:" Use client push installation. Before you use client installation method, make sure that all prerequisites are met. For more information, see the section “Installation Method Dependencies” in Prerequisites for Computer Clients. Install clients manually and provide client installation properties by using CCMSetup installation command-line properties. This must include the following: Specify a management point or source path from which the computer can download the installation files by using the CCMSetup property /mp:=<management point name computer name> or /source:<path to client source files> on the CCMSetup command line during client installation. Specify a list of initial management points for the client to use so that it can assign to the site and then download client policy and site settings. Use the CCMSetup Client.msi property SMSMP to do this. [*]Publish the management point in DNS or WINS and configure clients to use this service location method. More info here. http://technet.micro...y/gg712272.aspx
  16. "hese are on a private network and have a Linux DHCP/PXE setup" You dont need DHCP on your SCCM server to be able to get PXE to work, as long as the client get an IP adress you are good to go. Then hopyfully the SCCM will respond after the client has the IP adress.
  17. I got it to work! What i did was: Remove DP role from server Remove WDS Remove Remoteinstall catalog Reboot the server Install WDS manually DONT CONFIGURE Add the DP role again and add PXE Wait... Profit! hopefully!
  18. I have exactly this problem out at a customer. It seems that there is some kind of rights issue, because when the files are exctraced from the WIM it cant find the folder it extracts the bootfiles to. So check the rights on the folders or the disk where you are putting your remoteinstall directory.
  19. I figured it out, i had to configure the reporting services on the SQL because the database was not created. Now it works! But when i browse the site , it looks like this. Uploaded with ImageShack.us so my problem atm is i cant se any reports at all...
  20. Hey guys im running into this problem that i cant seem to solve. I have nothing in the logfiles of importance. this is how it looks like, the "Reporting Services server instance" remains empty... And the reporting services role is installed on the SQL server. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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