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  1. Double check you boundarys. Second , remove the package from the DP and add it again, you could also do this for all the packages in the Task Sequence and se if that helps. Also if you do this you will have this option, to save time when you deploy the OS Good luck!
  2. Well you actually need to be able to the se all systems Collection if you want to add computers to the Collection or else you cant find the computer? One thing that has changed tho is that the "All systems" Collection is now READ Only so they cant make any unwanted Changes to the Collection atleast. Maybe you could create a folder structure with OSD and give them permission to those?
  3. If you are using CM 2012 SP1 you should not use Windows 7 boot images, what version are those? i gues 3.0? Windows 8 winPE bot images are 4.0 those that you should be using.
  4. You can actually deploy Win 8 with SCCM 2007 but it´s not supported. What you could do is you create the Windows 8 wimfile with MDT, then import that WIM into SCCM 2007. BAM you can deploy windows 8 but yeah its not supported and souch but you know...
  5. Ok when you did the capture on that OS did u reset the admin password? Could you create a new TS from scratch (CM TS not MDT) and try with that? also dubblecheck that you have permission with the join account to the OU you are trying to join the computers to. AND that the account has right to do so. If you want you could also post a smstslog from one of the client that fails.
  6. Have you created a new task sequance AFTER upgrading to SP1? also you have to check "partition and format the target computer Before installing the operating system" also the unattend should work have you updated the package to the dp with the right xml?
  7. Are you using any unattend settings during the deployment? maybe you have a gpo that writes over the admin account settings?
  8. Checked this out? http://blogs.technet.com/b/gladiatormsft/archive/2013/01/26/you-may-need-to-re-download-configuration-manager-2012-and-endpoint-protection-2012-sp1-binaries.aspx
  9. I would test the following. Create a new collection Deploy a TS to that collection add a computer to the collection Create a new software update package you want to deploy during the TS install the machine and se if that works, if it does there probably is something wrong with maybe a software update package. Another thing you could check is the logfile under, Monitoring->Status Message Queries-> All Status messages -> filter on the computername
  10. Hi, If you create a new task sequence in SP1,you can specify "Partition and format the target computer before installing the operating system" if you are running MDT Task Sequence you have to specifi the driver letter C: in the sequence under "apply operating system" step.
  11. How does your adverttisment look like and how does the program look like? i guess this is a package?
  12. You need to do this for every package in the Task Sequance, se here http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7445-sccm-sp1-how-do-i-prevent-packages-on-c/
  13. I would say , do a new build and capture and include all new updates for the image. Then get the WSUS role and SUP on the SCCM server, this will make your life alot easyer OR if you have CM 2012 in maybe a lab enviorment you could copy the windows 7 WIM file to that server and run Offline Servicing, ofc you would need WSUS and a SUP to do that but like i said before, and others to gogo wsus it never to late to learn.
  14. Found your problem. Are you sure u have advertised your TS to the collection where the computer is a member? "No assigned task sequence. TSMBootstrap 13/02/2013 12:28:51 1268 (0x04F4)" Also check the deployment on that computer, rightclick and go to properties, then deplyoments.
  15. Create a Test-Collection for those computers in CM , and make a query that connects your AD-group to the collection. So when you add computers to that group they will end up in the collection tell me if u need help with the query!
  16. If you are running SP1 you can solve this by advertising the TS only to Media and PXE. OR u cold make it hidden.
  17. Kingen you should change RUN FROM DP instead of downloading the WIM and then applying , saves u like 15mins
  18. Ahhhhh right i havent actually even thought about that! nice will try that ! ill post back later with results. Thx Iroqouiz it worked like a charm it´s always the small things u miss thats so easy
  19. hello and welcome! I actually had this problem to...If i go to the application catalog and chose application there, the rest will be available in the software center...hmmm maybe this is a bugg? could you try the same? 1. Go into the application catalog and install an application, if this works you should be able to the the other packages in spoftware center while installing the new app.
  20. Hi folk! One thing i have noticed when im running CM SP1 on Server 2012 (dont know if this applies to 2008 to havent tried). Anyway, when i use the checkbox "copy the content...(se picture) on a package or OS img the package share is created on my C:\ drive... I would like to change this to my data disk instead because i dont want to fill upp my system drive with a bunch of packages. Has anyone seen or experienced this problem and i havent really figured out how to change the default. The reason that im copying them again is that i want to run the OS deployment form the DP for faster deployment. Se picture 3
  21. You need this hotfix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2801987/en
  22. You could view all messages and just delete the critical ones...If the issue is not fixed they will re-apear. So delete then reset counts.
  23. check out my posts here, http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4550-using-sccm-2012-rc-in-a-lab-part-11-adding-the-reporting-services-point-role/page-4
  24. What version of OSX are you trying to deploy the client to?
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