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  1. Hello! Having some trouble now when im trying to do this in the labb env at work. This is how the smstslog looks like. (attached) , the problem is that the USB i boot from reserves the driver letter C? It fails when i reach the "apply operating system image" log.log
  2. Seems to me you need to check that all clients can access the file "Failed to run the last action: Install Dell 780 Image. Execution of task sequence failed. The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 80070002; Source: Windows)]LOG]!><time="08:01:22.593-660" date="10-07-2012" component="TSManager" context="" type="3" thread="1936" file="engine.cxx:214"
  3. I did not know that! because one of the new "features" for windows 8 is the ability to encrypt the disk before you install the OS. Good to hear it may work for Win 7 also!
  4. Here, http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4514-using-sccm-2012-rc-in-a-lab-part-9-adding-an-application-editing-a-deployment-type-copying-the-deploy-task-sequence/
  5. Are you opening regedit as administrator? if you have UAC activated you have to or the changes wont be applied.
  6. Just a question, are you using the WIM file from the Windows 7 CD for deployment? , or did you make a wim from build and capture Task Sequence?
  7. Hello! Did you change the value located in the registry here? Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\ConfigMgr10\AdminUI\Reporting Change the "ReportBuilderApplicationmanifestName" to just change the 2 in there to a 3, and it should work. Good luck! Edit, could you post the error you get in a print screen?
  8. Just a tought, Have you made an software update group and deployed that to your build and capture collection? and btw have you tryed checking using this for your packages? go to properties on your program for the package.
  9. Did you run the pre-req checker? that will tell you when you have the wrong version of SQL.
  10. Hello, are you using SP1? Installing UEFI mode on RTM is not supported. Are you sure you are booting the system in UEFI boot mode? did u check out this post? http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6250-how-can-i-deploy-windows-8-in-uefi-mode-using-configuration-manager-2012/
  11. Hello Everyone! This guide is ment to introduce you to the Windows 8 Application interface, the guide will show you how to navigate and how to change settings in the new Applications for Windows 8! This is my first guide so feedback is appriciated! This is a guide on how to use the new Windows 8 application interface in Windows 8 ,a Windows 8 application is a special kind of application that follows a specific user interface. A Windows 8 application can be run on any computer regardless of what kind of processor is being used. A Windows 8 application always runs in full screen, or if it´s docked side by side with another Windows 8 application it always takes up the space you chose to share. Windows 8 applications have a common user interface design, they all use the same fonts and scale for user readability, this is because you always want to be able to read all text clearly regardless of the device you are using it on for example touch devices, laptops and desktop computers. Let´s take a look at the mail application included in Windows 8, you can use the client to connect to Hotmail, Google-email and Exchange. To add an account to the mail application move the mouse to the bottom or the top right corner to bring out the charms (or push the Windows button +c) now click on the settings charm. This will bring up the settings for the mail application (picture two). Let´s start by adding a Microsoft Exchange account, Click on Accounts > Add Account > Outlook. Type in your email and password then click on the connect button. When the account is added you now have the ability to see all your exchange messages in the mail application! You can now switch between Exchange and Hotmail with just a simple click down in the left corner. Anytime you are inside a Windows 8 application you can bring up the app bar, the app bar will appear at the top or at the bottom of the screen depending on the settings on that particular application, to bring up the app bar using the mouse, right click, the mail application has options for syncronising email, pin to start, move and mark as unread, Now let´s take a look at another Windows 8 application, to navigate use the windows key to bring up the start screen. And now click the Weather application ,the first time you open the Weather application on your computer you will be asked if you want to use location services to determine your current location. The Weather application shows the weather for the chosen location and like every other Windows 8 application there is an app bar available, right click to bring up the app bar, as you can se this time we get two app bars, one at the bottom and one at the top,to change places click on the locations bar and then the plus sign. There is also a link to World Weather on this screen you can zoom in and choose one of the supported locations. Let´s go back to the start screen again by pushing the Windows button on your keyboard. Finally let´s take a look at one more application the Calendar, navigate back to the start screen and click on the Calendar application icon. Again we can see that the Calendar is a full screen application bring up the app bar, you can chose your view by day, week or month send feedback jump to the current date and create a new appointment. Now let´s take a look at how to switch between multiple Windows 8 applications, the easiest way is to push the windows button and it will bring you back to your last used application, press the windows button again and it will bring you back to the start screen. If you want to choose from multiple applications move the cursor to the top left corner of the screen and drag down and you will see as many of the last used applications as your monitor resolution is capable of displaying, click to choose one and you will be brought back to the selected application. Notice that the Desktop is seen as just another Windows 8 application, click on the desktop icon and jump to the desktop from there as well, to go back to the start screen press the windows button on your keyboard, or you can use the start charm press the windows button + C or bring your mouse to the right or left corner of your screen to bring out the charms menu. Next guide we will take a look at the new search function and the new desktop interface. I just realised these pictures are in swedish so i will update them later.
  12. Yes sir! Done 4 installations now for different customers. And im also running CM 2012 SP1 on Server 2012 in my LAB. I cant say its running perfect and i know it is not supported yeet but its still fun to try new things out!
  13. Have you checked the smspxe log on the server? , did you check that wds is up and running? And like anyweb said, you need to use the "Legacy Network Adapter" for network boot. You could try installing windows manually just to se that you can get an IP adress in there, if that works you probably need to configure IP-Helpers if the computers are on seperate networks.
  14. Still not working? Try using this , Install properties: DNSSUFFIX="dnssuffixhere" SMSMP=FQDN of your software update point. Also, where in the sequence do you have the "Install update" task? Edit, btw why do you want to install the application during build and capture? you will get a more dynamic image if you install all the applications and packages during the OS deployment itself.
  15. Post the logfile from the client AFTER you have deployed windows to that machine.
  16. Maybe you could use Wake on LAN and apply the updates during a weekend?
  17. It does, im running Server 2012 and CM 2012 with SP1 in my LAB , and i can deploy XP just fine.
  18. Indeed grats very well deserved indeed!
  19. You could also check the wuhandler log on the clients and se if there is a problem locating the updates.
  20. Can i ask you why you are making the golden image on physical hardware? its mutch easyer, and mutch less hassle to get it to work on a VM. And you really get the minimal ammount of drivers in that golden image.
  21. I had the same problem. The problem was that reporting services was added AFTER SP1 was installed on the SQL. You need version 2500 of reporting services to be able to use it with SCCM 2012. Look at my picture and check the version you have. If you have 1600 like the picture, you need to re-install SP1. Just to clarify, this fixes the problem "The report server service is not running...." problem.
  22. Are you sure you are pointing to the right SQL instance? you could doublecheck the collation via the SQL, Management studio. SQL server sysadmin rights error = Add the Machine account to local admin group on the SQL machine. SQl Server service running account Error = change from local system to a domain account running the sql service. Good luck!
  23. Check where those computers are in AD , maybe they are in a different OU that get a different update policy? probably not but you could try. If you try to install them manually does that work?
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