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  1. You have to install the driver in a driver package for that model, i have run into the problem you are having alot of times. Even if you have the driver in the WinPE phase you cant use it after you install the client and it reboots to windows, so if you have a driver package for that modell doublecheck the network drivers that are on there. good luck.
  2. Have you seen the template policys that come with CM 2012? What profile are you using for the server? And if it is a virtual machine it could be the disk that causes the cpu to work extra if there is something wrong with the disk, config or other.
  3. If you try to bood from media from the SCCM , when you get into the WinPE phase, do you get an ip-adress and can you ping the sccm site ect?
  4. Well for one thing you get around 240 new commands, (?) i think i heard Johan Arvidmark say last time i saw him. And also a neat little feature when you deploy it looks like this , (you get info on what happends in the different steps in the process, computername ip-adress ect ect. You can also enable OS result to get a nice little windows how the deployment went, applications OS img that was applyed ect ect.
  5. Double check that you have all the IIS-Pre Reqs installed! got the same problem when i left out ASAPI Filters and something else.
  6. It´s not, you have to specifiy where you want the img to be applied. Mine works fine
  7. Check is the WDS Service is started, under services.
  8. I thought that this only accured for the migrated packages but when i tried to create a brand new packet i get the same error... The DP is lokal on the primary site. Have not tried to dist to a remote-dp i could try that tomorrow. But if i read the technet thread this only accures for the local dp it seems. hmmm i tried again now with the same package, i can dist it without errors , but as soon as i copy the content like this (se picture) i get the error agian...
  9. Hi folks i really need some help here with my site! Recently Migrated a CM 2007 site to CM 2012 SP1. Now the problem is that i cant really dist any packages to the lokal dist point on the site server , i get the following error. the exact same problem is described here. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmanagergeneral/thread/8e860651-4288-42c1-b04f-c6ac72dd02f1 I have checkd permissions, both NTFS and share and no luck at all... Any help would be greatly appriciated!
  10. Hi Niall! And nice work as always! When i create the rule i dont have the same options as you do when i crate the Deployment rule, se screenshot. I would guess "All messages" represents "Normal" in your screenshot?
  11. Alim_long have you checked the health on your site? is everything OK? AND Did you create a new TS > Deploy > New Collection > Add computer > Test ? =)
  12. Seems you dont have the rights you need to the Configmgr database, is that the same account you did the installation with? Login manually in SQL Management studio and se if the rights are there. And that you can login at all .
  13. Yes there is you will have to do a manuall installation of windows XP on a virtual machine then do a capture with media from SCCM to get your wimfile, after that you can add it to the CM.
  14. Did u try to create a brand NEW TS? a CM one not one with MDT integration.Skip the domain join and just set the local admin password and se if that works.
  15. Sounds like boundarys , check them and that the computer is a member there. Also post smstslog so we can have a look
  16. Seems to me it cant access the sourcefiles for the config mgr client. Is the client a member or the right boundary group? and try to make a new package "from definition" for the client package. Dont forget to update DPs
  17. Hello and thx for replying, yes i have done both of those. The old server is shut down to! and nothing is defined. even if i define the MP in the smsclient installation it does not assign itself to the site
  18. How does your advertisment look like? if you want to be able to re-install that computer you have to check the box "always rerun" when doing the advertisment. OR just remove the computer from the collection and wait like 15 mins, then add it back in again, tryed that?
  19. Hello folks so i have the following senario. 1.Installation of SCCM 2012 SP1 on a 2008R2 server, the sitecode name lets say is ABC 2.Installation of ANOTHER SCCM 2012 SP1 on an 2012 Server on the same domain - Sidecode XXX 3. Removed the ABC site from System Management and DNS. 4. When i installed the new site, wich is published to the domain and has all the rights in the System Management container i also removed the old entries ABC from the same container. 5. When i install clients via OSD from the new XXX site the clients still want to assign themselves to the ABC site, why is that? Troubleshooting. 1.The old site is removed from dns and system management container 2. Se the logifles attached. 3. Autodiscovery of the NEW XXX site works!? if i hit "auto discovery" it finds the new site and the client gets assigned. So anyone has anyone idea what can have caused this? im attaching the logfiles from one client that fails to assign the new site. BR Oneone ClientLocation.log LocationServices.log
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