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Found 115 results

  1. (PXE Without DHCP worked, NOW* it doesn't) I have a lab with an SCCM server with SQL and another as the Active directory server (2 servers total). These are on a private network and have a Linux DHCP/PXE setup. When i setup SCCM i never setup DHCP but i did setup PXE on the distribution point. I was able to boot up right into the SCCM server's PXE or to the Linux one if i put in a delay on the SCCM server. Last week i was trying to get PXE to chain load from another server (without success so far, but that's another post). On Monday, i look at the setup and I was no longer able to PXE into my SCCM server. Granted, i was mucking around with the settings but... How was it possible that the SCCM server received and handled PXE requests without DHCP? I was under the impression that DHCP was needed. The reason i didn't install DHCP on SCCM is because i was trying to integrate it with the exitsting Linux setup. Kinda stumped on this one...
  2. I'm trying to troubleshoot one of my labs which is having all sorts of PXE issues. I'm comparing it to my other lab that i have functioning. In some of the articles i'm reading, they suggest that i TFTP from command line to test if its working. Well, it isn't in either case and i'm beginning to wonder if it is supposed to and if this troubleshooting step is applicable/viable. Could someone confirm if this is working in their SCCM 2012 setup? Basically what i'm doing is running this command from my DC for example to my SCCM server (distribution point). tfpt -i 192.168.x.x GET \smsboot\x64\pxeboot.com You will need to add TFTP client from the windows features in server manager.
  3. RequestMPKeyInformation: Send() failed. SMSPXE 2012-04-21 14:58:44 4484 (0x1184) Failed to get information for MP: sccm.local 80004005. SMSPXE 2012-04-21 14:58:44 4484 (0x1184) PXE::DB_InitializeTransport failed; 0x80004005 SMSPXE 2012-04-21 14:58:44 4484 (0x1184) PXE::DB_ReportStatus failed; 0x80004005 SMSPXE 2012-04-21 14:58:44 4484 (0x1184) PXE::CPolicyProvider::InitializeDatabaseConnection failed; 0x80004005 SMSPXE 2012-04-21 14:58:44 4484 (0x1184) The certificate is gone, something strange happend to my lab-server. How can I solve this issue? How can I issue a certificate for the SCCM - SQL Found out that my ssl-certificate is missing, Unable to load user-specified certificate [Cert Hash(sha1) "4E40B3552FFAC833C5A30EB589008BBC557FF30E"]. The server will not accept a connection. You should verify that the certificate is correctly installed. See "Configuring Certificate for Use by SSL" in Books Online. How can I re-create the certificate? Is there any chance I can do this from my CA ?
  4. Hi all, First and foremost, I love this site, it is such a fantastic reference guide and a boon to IT people like myself. I'm working on a new image, (actually, the same one I tweeted you about last week, Niall! As it turns out, we'd been using an incorrect NIC driver which was causing the port to take a long time to come online, and the PXE TFTP transfer was timing out as a result), for an HP 8560p Elitebook, and I've gotten it to boot through PXE to WinPE and get through the Apply Driver Package step of my Task Sequence. Install is Failing at Setup Windows and ConfigMgr with the following: -In setupact.log Now, I've looked through SCCM for the driver in accordance with directions found here: http://support.micro....com/kb/2012889 and I don't see this drive, oem79.inf. I decided to look further and discovered that the file in question is johci.inf, a 1394-Firewire driver, which I would not deem boot-critical, though evidently the installer believes this to be the case. I looked in SCCM and can't find a matching driver, but instead find many variants, all of which are signed. I then checked my boot image and this driver is not added to the boot.wim image either. So, before I disable and remove this driver from the Driver Packages for this model, do you guys have any thoughts? Thanks again for all of everyone's help.
  5. good morning everyone. i am in the process of trying to get WDS to work in out live environment. everything works like a charm in the test lab and it is time to move over to live. i have run into a strange issue when PXe booting a PC. well first it does not pxe boot. however i do not get any errors. the PXE boot screen looks like this. CLIENT MAC ADDR (mac address shown) GUID (guid shown) DHCP............................................................................... ........................................................................................ this will go on for as long as i allow it to before hitting esc. so here is what i know. server 2k8r2 DHCP is on different vlan then WDS option 60 and do not listen on port 67 are UNCHECKED on DHCP tab in properties of WDS DHCP and WDS servers have different IP but same subnet all ports on routers are open. if you need any further info please ask. i will be watching this thread for the next 3.5 hours then off and on for the rest of the day. thank you in advance.
  6. Hi Currently using SCCM2007 and have been building many machines without issue. We have recently purchased a large amount of new HP 4535 laptps and are having particulat issues getting them to build on SCCM. Have created the task sequence, collection added the laptop to SCCM ect but when booting to image the laptop it fails. The laptop PXE boots and loads WinPE but then on prepares itself and just reboots. I have got into the command prompt in PE and can see that it is not connecting to the network so tried to inject the Realtek GBE family drivers into the boot image both within SCCM and using the ImageX command and no matter which drivers i pick it seem to fail to add them into the image. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Greetings all, This is a great website! I am testing an implementation of SCCM2012 RC2 and all task sequences are failing regardless of what task I attempt. I've attached the log file from the pxe booted machine. From what I can tell, WinPE is unable to communicate with the MP (MNCMP.OTC.EDU). The test environment is running native mode. The machine is getting an IP address. Any thoughts? smsts.log
  8. Hi there, I'm pretty new to SCCM so this might be an easy problem. A couple of days ago our Operating System Deployment stopped working. The first sign of that something was wrong was that the WDS service couldn't be restarted. It hung. Even after a reboot of the entire server the service was still not running. After a lot of troubleshooting we also noticed that the image-folders under RemoteInstall\SMSBoot\x64 and RemoteInstal\SMSBoot\x86 were empty. I then got some advice that I should delete the PXE role in SCCM and re-install the WDS service in Windows. So I did: 1) Removed PXE role. 2) Uninstalled WDS. 3) Reboot. 4) Finalize uninstall. 5) Reboot again. 6) Renamed the folder "RemoteInstall". 7) Installed WDS. 8) Rebooted. 9) Added the PXE Role. 10) Rebooted. This i have done twice, the main issue is still there, the folders are still empty. when I try to deploy a PC I just get the error: "PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent". The client recieves an IP from the DHCP but there is no boot-image. In the logfile: pxeMSI.log.LastError i found the following row: "MSI (s) (B0:00) [10:50:25:911]: Windows Installer removed the product. Product Name: SMS PXE Service Point. Product Version: 4.00.6487.2000. Product Language: 1033. Removal success or error status: 0." In the logfile: pxeMSI.log i found the following rows: Property(S): UserExitDialog_Title = Setup Aborted Property(S): UserExitDialog_SubTitle = Setup was cancelled Property(S): UserExitDialog_Info = The SMS PXE Service Point setup was cancelled. Property(S): InstallErrorDialog_Title = Setup Aborted Property(S): InstallErrorDialog_SubTitle = Setup failed Property(S): InstallErrorDialog_Info = Setup encountered an error and could not continue. I have also attached PXESetup.log. Any suggestions and/or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! PXESetup.log
  9. Hi everybody! We have a SCCM 2007 R2 environment with nearly 20 secondary sites under 1 central site. Now it comes to security permissions delegations to the local admin at the local sites that they can do their Windows 7 Rollout. I created a security structure in SCCM with a flat hierarchie of groups in the AD. For the moment it works fine. A few days ago we had the situation that seems to clear all PXE flags to the "All Systems" collections. Many machiens that will get an OS over a Task Sequence were still in the OS Deployment collection (mandentory advertised), that means that these machine would have get a new OS after the next PXE request (default value!). In the end nothing happens, because we noticed that very fast. I just stopped our local WDS Service and deleted the direct membership of the machines in the OSD collections. Pig had I'm very scared about that, because the next time that happens we may be not so fast. The first question that I have: How can I figure out who deleted the PXE flag? I searched in several log files, queried the Status Messages, but nothing. Anybody knows where I can find that? The second interesting is: How can I prevent that a delegated user (also like everybody!) can clear the PXE flags on a completly collection?? (What also might be possible to use a script that the direct membership of the computers will be deleted after a successful OSD. I guess I saw somewhere a script like this...) Thanks in advance! Christian
  10. I have WDS installed on my sccm 2007 server and I have DNS on a seperate server as well as DHCP on a seperate server. My SCCM 2007 is installed well, with no issues from the status. I am having hard time setting up Deployment via PXE. Please help me. I have gone through your step by step instruction, but no luck. At first I had a Pending Request, Now, it can't even find the specified file. What should I do?
  11. Ok, I'm slightly confused (read: very). My environment is as follows (simplified). One primary SCCM server (SVR-SCCM) W2K8r2 with SCCM 2007r3 that is also the PXE server for our Main Office. This site has been doing OSD perfectly. One Remote site (SVR-SITE1) that has it's own subnet, DC (with DHCP), and is a BDP. The Boot Image has been successfully pushed to the remote site. I'm remotely PXE booting machines to do OSD. Here are my steps (simplified) 1) Boot remote computer 2) F12 for boot options 3) Choose "Boot from Onboard NIC" 4) F12 for Network Boot 5) Remote machine pulls wdsnbp.com from the PXE server (this takes about 10-15 minutes remotely) 6) Remote machine pulls boot.wim from PXE server (900 mb file, takes forever) 7) Brings up TS selection wizard Now, Step 6 is what I need assistance with. Am I able to have that boot.wim pull from my BDP? Or can that boot.wim ONLY be pulled from a PXE server? (This is the boot.wim that is in my ConfigMgr Admin Console under OSD->Boot Images.) I'm fairly certain that this should be pulling the boot.wim from the BDP, but I'm not sure. And if that is the case, what steps can I take to troubleshoot it and figure out why it is not pulling from the local BDP? TIA, Erik
  12. After installing pxe I get this pxe.msi exited with return code: 3010 in pxesetup.log. But even after reboot of the server log still shows reboot required Server 2008, sccm 2007 R2 Thanks
  13. Hey everyone, we recently ran into an issue where one of our tech's cleared the pxe advertisement on an entire collection, causing multiple machines to reimage themselves. I have been researching and looking through the logs, but unable to find any details as to who did it, and when. We have our security rights setup where only a select few users (based on AD accounts) have the ability to clear advertisements and am hoping this action is logged somewhere with their username. Does anyone know where these are stored? I have also looked through some of the available Reports but can't find much information on PXE Advertisements being cleared. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  14. Hi everyone, Scenario: a SCCM solution an a Wyse Streaming Manager solution coexisting on the same subnet. Problem is that both these soulution is using PXE. Wyse Streaming Manager is a system for streaming OS to Wyse thin clients. And in my case this have to coexist on the same subnet where I want to deploy OS and software to thick clients (laptops and desktops) Is there a solution for making this sceanrio work? As you can see my laptops need to get their PXE to boot into SCCM and the thin clients to boot into the Wyse Streaming manager. There's a headache for ya! At least for me.. :-) Andreas
  15. Hello, I have a question. I have configure a SCCM 2007 and in the Headquater the SCCM a runs. I Deploy Windows 7 with PXE and in the Headquater is all ok. And in the Brach Office i have configure Brach Distribution Point and the Distribution Points runs. And when i add a new Boot Image Packeg to the Distribution Point it run but when I add a new Operating System Image to the Distribution Point in dont runs. And my second question ist when I Deploy the OS Image wia PXE to the Bruches I need a PXE Service Point on the Brach Distribution Point and a WDS??
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