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Found 8 results

  1. Hi We are currently on 1710, last patch was KB4086143 Since May 2018 no new updates have shown up in 'Updates and Servicing' , we 'CHeck for Updates' but nothing new appears, cannot find any errors in the logs and MS Updates etc is not blocked by the FW Any advice? thanks
  2. Wondering if anyone can help, never posted in this forum but have used it extensively for valuable advice/information. Got a simple question I cannot find the answer to, we are planning to use Windows 10 Servicing to manage Feature Updates, I believe I have setup the Servicing Plan correctly and all the necessary (I think) Feature Updates are downloaded and deployed but I have noticed that they are showing as Required 0 for all 1803 Feature Updates, please see attached image. I would have expected to be seeing the Required number to match the number of Windows 10 machines we have, majorit
  3. Hello all - I'm trying out Windows 10 Servicing and on a 1607 machine, I can see the upgrade deployment and it downloads properly but then hangs after that at installing. UpdateDeployment.log ---- Update (Site_6486F88A-6CE4-45F7-865B-FB7832923564/SUM_2c038450-6726-4512-bd3b-a00f3bb0f865) Progress: Status = ciStateInstalling, PercentComplete = 100, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x0 UpdatesDeploymentAgent 11/3/2017 11:58:16 AM 3212 (0x0C8C) ---- UpdatesHandler.log ---- Initiating Scan. Forced = (0) UpdatesHandler 11/3/2017 11:57:42 AM 2732 (0x0AAC)Successful
  4. Whilst testing the 1703 servicing update for Windows 10 i've noticed that in the pre-install stages there is a "scan" carried out by the update process on the client machine to try and detect incompatible applications and a hard stop occurs if an incompatible application is found. This is good, in the sense that it will try and leave a machine in full working order, post-install. The gripe that i have with it though is that the update process needs to be triggered in the first place to find out what incompatible apps are going to prevent the install from finishing successfully. What i wa
  5. I'm REALLY confused right now. I've think I followed the "Steps to manage updates for Windows 10" guide to the letter (https://technet.microsoft.com/itpro/windows/update/waas-deployment-rings-windows-10-updates). I changed in two GPO's to Defer Updates. One for all clients in production, that was set to Current Branch for Business and to wait 90 days after the release of a new CBB version. The other one is for the test clients, that was set to Current Branch, and wait 30 days. Then I followed the SCCM part of the guide and created two Device Collections based on the Branch Readiness
  6. I had setup a Servicing rule to update Current Branch machines to Creators version. Everything looked fine. Our Sync ran which kicked off the rule and I noticed this morning there was a problem with it. I did not see any Software Update Group get created and found the following in patchdownloader.log Connected to \\ISSCCM1\root\SMS Software Updates Patch Downloader 4/19/2017 8:52:55 AM 20592 (0x5070) Trying to connect to the \\ISSCCM1.\root\sms\site_COP namespace on the ISSCCM1. machine. Software Updates Patch Downloader 4/19/2017 8:52:55 AM 20592 (0x5070) Con
  7. Hi everyone We are having a weird issue, which I cannot see the reason why! - I have a Windows 10 Servicing Plan setup for CB deployment to a collection. The plan worked a few months ago when I put one machine into it (if i remember rightly)... However we have just started to look into it a bit more and we're coming back with something odd. We add a machine into the collection, it is picked up by SCCM and shows in the deployment monitoring, but they show as compliant! - One machine is on 1511 and the other is on a very very old release, perhaps the first ever release to public. I h
  8. Hello, i'm sorry if this has already been answered but i'm struggling to deploy Windows 10 (1607) to some Windows 10 (1511) machines from SCCM using Windows 10 servicing. Current setup: SCCM version - 1606 Windows 10 - 1511 (English) Enterprise Edition Within Windows 10 updates (under servicing) the feature update is listed in the console. I have created a service plan and when i run a preview the feature upgrade is listed (see screen). I have tried the feature upgrade with two different English languages "english-gb" and "english-us" but neither seems to work. The dep
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