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  1. Keep in mind that everything in ConfigMgr goes through the SMS provider, which is basically a WMI provider. The information in the console is also based on queries on the provider, which means on WMI. That will make it quite difficult to query on an unsupported change in the database.
  2. You need to be more specific. Installing patches on Exchange is similar to installing patches on any other server.
  3. You can create a recurring schedule to the deployment. That in combination with the allways rerun behavior should do the trick.
  4. It sounds like the clients couldn't find a valid content location. You should find more information about that in the LocationServices.log.
  5. Did you configure the Download Settings with If software updates are not available on preferred distribution point or remote distribution point, download content from Microsoft Updates?
  6. For now you should be good. You can find the supported combinations here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt589738.aspx#bkmk_SupOS
  7. You might want to provide more details about your configuration, query and error, if you want some serious help.
  8. I think this should get you started: http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2014/01/28/a-complete-guide-to-wake-on-lan-for-configmgr-2007-and-configmgr-2012.aspx
  9. There should also be a default Configuration Manager Client Package. If you're still seeing issues you might want to start with looking at the ccmsetup.log file.
  10. Make sure you've got all the permissions to create a stand-alone media. SP1 introduced a new permissions specifically for stand-alone media creation.
  11. You can go straight to WMI and query SMS_SoftwareUpdate to filter on new updates.
  12. During the installation the updates folders is the easiest method.
  13. I would start by checking the logs. Check smsts.log for general failures, or skipping of the steps and check scanstate.log and loadstate.log for information about the capture and restore.
  14. Do you have all the installers in the same folders? If you do, create separate folders per application and try again.
  15. I've been able to add that feature with a similar process to the one described in that blogpost.
  16. I see that you use a Restart Computer step imediatly after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step. I've seen this causing issues in combination with applications when the Notify the user before restarting checkbox is cleared and by that removing the Message display time-out. If you really need that restart step, make sure it has at least the default time-out. Otherwise the client might have to little time to successfully initialize.
  17. The User Experience tab of the deployment provides you with a lot of information about this. The User notifications setting determines what the end-user will see and the Device restart behavior determines if the device will automatically restarted.
  18. That is often an indication that a firewall between those servers, or the Windows Firewall on those servers, is blocking the RPC traffic.
  19. Only ConfigMgr vNext will succesfully install that update via the software update process. That is not supported via the current version of ConfigMgr. For the current version the approach should be the upgrade task sequence. See for more information this: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/13251-first-major-update-for-windows-10-available-today-windows-10-version-1511/
  20. Not sure what you mean with "clean drivers"... often the problem with the driver packs is that they contain too much drivers. They often contain drivers for multiple models and possible combinations on those models. Cleaner could be to make sure that you only use the drivers from a driver pack that your devices really need.
  21. Basic USMT is very straight forward, especially when using the default task sequence steps in combination with the SMP. You might get more and or better help if you can provide a specific scenario that you're looking for, including the problems that you've run in to.
  22. Is the collection that you're trying to add the device to limited to the All Workstations collection?
  23. It looks like the software update agent is disabled. Did you enable the software update agent in the default client policy or a custom client policy (targeted to the device).
  24. The log doesn't show a blocking error. It shows a succesful client push.
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