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  1. hello experts,I created upgrade TS and it has some post tasks. TS works well if I deploy to collection. I created standalone media(USB) for the same TS and when I launch launchmedia.cmd it launches TS and completed the upgrade and wont continue. i see the screen working on updates and when it reaches 100% it comes to lock screen but wont do the post tasks. Any suggestions please.RegardsDJ
  2. thanks, I have added registry change to change setupcomplete.cmd it seems to be working. I will posts the results.
  3. Thanks alot, I read the post and added the drivers, i will deploy this and post back results. this looks good?
  4. I created new package for drivers and new tS as well. attached is the screen shot. Does this works?
  5. thanks I will create driver package and will apply before TS. it was all working good before. I deployed a TS to update bios and drivers and it all started.
  6. thanks for the reply. I followed the guide form the link below, i created rhe upgrade package and TS. I deployed it on my test machine and it completed the upgrade and do some post tasks and then machine stuck in restart loop. it pops up dell logo and restart again. Thanks
  7. Hello, thanks for the post. I could not see the backup folder. I mean I scheduled updates and something broke. I checked everywhere on my primary site but i am not able to find it. Please guide me. Regards DJ
  8. Hello Experts, I have been fighting this issue from more than a week. We are upgrading our system from to 1803. Upgrade works good. But windows apps are back. So we have a script to uninstall apps that are not needed. script works good if i run manually, or if i deploy on fresh install TS. but it wont work in upgrade TS. the log shows the process is success, but it wont uninstall. I tried different scripts as well, they all launch good but no action. I create a package with program, created application nothing worked. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance. Regards Anche
  9. Hello all, I am trying to upgrade my LTSB machine with sccm. but TS fails what ever I do. regards setupact.log setuperr.log
  10. Hello all I am getting below error while updating the boot image. Error: Update boot image: • Microsoft Windows PE (x86) Error: Update actions: • Add ConfigMgr binaries using Production Client version 5.00.8692.1008 • Add custom background • Set scratch space • Enable Windows PE command line support Error: Failed to import the following drivers: Optional components: • Microsoft .NET (WinPE-NetFx) • Windows PowerShell (WinPE-PowerShell) • Scripting (WinPE-Scripting) • Startup (WinPE-SecureStartup) • Network (WinPE-WDS-Tools) • Scripting (WinPE-WMI) Error: The wizard detected the following problems when updating the boot image. • The SMS Provider reported an error.: ConfigMgr Error Object: instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus { • Description = "Failed to inject OSD binaries into mounted WIM file (often happens if unsigned drivers are inserted into x64 boot image)"; • ErrorCode = 2152205056; • File = "..\\sspbootimagepackage.cpp"; • Line = 5198; • ObjectInfo = "CSspBootImagePackage::PreRefreshPkgSrcHook"; • Operation = "ExecMethod"; • ParameterInfo = "SMS_BootImagePackage.PackageID=\"ACM0076A\""; • ProviderName = "WinMgmt"; • StatusCode = 2147749889; }; any suggestions?
  11. Hello, I created a custom task sequence in SCCM to run powershell script. Whatever i do tt throws error. Am I doing it wrong? thanks in advance
  12. Hello all, When we push updates, users are not getting option to suppress the reboot. Is there any command line in powershell or cmd to force stop the restart. we tried shutdown /a it didnt work.. is there any other options? regards
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